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We provide Bands for Hire in all local areas of the UK. If you don't see the type of Bands or music that you want here, just e mail your request or telephone and we'll recommend a band for you. We provide all types of Bands to Hire including Party Bands, Soul Bands, Steel Bands and Jazz Bands. We provide a first class service for these types of Bands and many others.

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Bands for Hire

We have a large roster of different Live Bands for Hire including Soul Bands, Steel Bands and Jazz Bands each playing different music. Whatever your personal choice we have top class Bands for hire capable of playing the music that you require to a high professional standard.

We work closely with our Bands and have dealt with them over many years. This helps greatly when we negotiate our clients' requirements and the result is satisfied, entertained and delighted clients!

Arrangements For Your Party Or Event

When you have waded through the bewildering choice of Bands to Hire and finally made your choice, arranging times for the Band to arrive and perform and deal with your Venue's requirements can leave you feeling a little stressed.

We understand! No need to worry, we've been through this process many times before and we can sort this out with the minimum of fuss. A quick chat with us is all that's needed. Job Done!

Considerations When Choosing Bands to Hire

There are many considerations to be made before choosing a Band, for example cost, type of band, type of music, size of performance area required, arrival and setting-up times, performance times and duration of the performance.

We have many years experience and can assist you in "making the right choice" from the Bands available and guide you through the organisation and scheduling of their performance

Choice Of Music

The first consideration when selecting a band is the type of music you want. For example Weddings usually need to accomodate a broad range of tastes and sometimes during the day Jazz and Swing bands or even a String Quartet may be appropriate.

In the evening at the reception a wide variety of music to suit the audience is a better option and a Party Band playing a variety of pop music would be more appropriate.

All types of Bands are available including Soul Bands, Rock Bands and Irish Bands to cover a wide variety of music requirements.

Does The Band Provide Music During Their Breaks?

Our Bands will provide recorded music during their breaks and if you prefer will link your i pod, or other device into their music system and play your own playlist.

If you prefer a full Disco with a wider choice of music and a DJ who can take music requests and get the party bouncing, we provide a Mobile Disco at reasonable cost.

Equipment & Performance Area

Bands come in a variety of sizes and numbers of musicians and singers. When you have decided what type of music you want it's a good idea to ask about performance space required for particular bands in order to fit them into the space available. Most bands are flexible and will adjust their equipment to suit.

Arrival, Setting-Up And Performance Timings

A good example of the various requirements for timings for Bands is weddings. No two weddings are the same and band timings are frequently different.

The arrival time for the band is mainly influenced by timings for the wedding breakfast or buffet arrangements in the evening. However, bands will arrive at a convenient time in order to load equipment into your party room and set-up in good time for their performance.

Many Bands will perform for two forty five minute sets, though in some cases bands are capable of performing three forty five minute sets or even two one hour sets. There is no hard and fast rule and we can advise on the position for each individual Band for Hire.

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