Acoustic Duo for Hire for Parties Or Events

We can provide an experienced Acoustic Duo for hire to get your party started. An Acoustic Duo can be a good choice and will make a party or event more memorable either as the featured entertainment, or as part of the entertainment package.

Duos may play musical instruments and perform completely live, part live and part with backing tracks, or in the case of some Acoustic Duos entirely with backing tracks.

Arrangements For Your Party Or Event

When you’ve waded through the bewildering number of Acoustic Duos for Hire generally available and finally made your choice, arranging times for the Duo to arrive and perform and dealing with your Venue’s requirements can leave you feeling a little stressed.¬†We understand! No need to worry, we’ve been through this process many times before and we can sort this out with the minimum of fuss. A quick chat with us is all that’s needed. Job Done!

Choice Of Music

The use of backing tracks can often help an Acoustic Duo achieve the sound of a full band, at a fraction of the cost. When you’ve decided on the type of music that you’re looking for, please browse through the Song Lists provided on the individual pages featuring Acoustic Duos to identify the right duo for you.

Vocal instrumental duos provide that extra entertainment value of live music and sometimes feature several instruments as part of their act. The more experienced duos will have a large repertoire of music and will be able to accommodate different types of occasions and even different genres of music within the same party or event.

Whether you require music for corporate entertainment or music for a private party, an Acoustic Duo is ideally suited to entertain your guests.

Equipment And Lighting

You can expect your Acoustic Duo to provide a PA System and Lighting and provide everything needed for the entertainment.

Does Your Acoustic Duo use Live Instruments or Backing Tracks?

Some Duos play live instruments and with the clever use of additional backing tracks, music samplers and the like, its possible to augment their live instruments to produce a full sound just like that provided by a live band but at a much reduced cost. Duos that don’t play live instruments use backing tracks instead and provide professional vocals with a wide variety of music options. To check whether an individual Duo plays with live instruments or uses backing tracks check their individual profiles.

Does Your Acoustic Duo Provide a Disco?

All of our Duos will play a mix of music on auto pilot through their PA systems during their breaks which either they will provide or you can provide recorded music on a digital device and they will play it for you. Some duos provide a disco service at additional cost. To check which of these services an individual Duo provides check their individual profiles. If your preferred Duo doesn’t provide a disco service and you would like one, we will provide a dedicated mobile disco at reasonable cost (see below).

For Free Advice and Guidance

Phone 0161 703 8737

Alternatively, if you prefer a full range of music and a DJ that will keep the dance floor full, we will provide a Mobile Disco at reasonable cost.

For a Quote Contact Us

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