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Carl Schofield

Carl Schofield

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Carl Schofield

Carl Schofield has seen a meteoric rise since his first appearance on stage over twenty years ago. He is a top Comedian for hire equally at home working to an all male or mixed audience. Carl has is own style and plenty of clean, very funny material and as a result is always in demand.

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Costello Entertainments
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 2 reviews
by Debra Hinsley on Costello Entertainments
Carl Schofield-Cruise Ship Performance

We were on the Thomson Cruise Ship which Carl appeared on and found him to be very funny and a really nice person. We were in his company after the show on a couple of occasions and found him to be a very polite and kind person. Well done Carl we will be coming to the Viking to see you. From the Tanker driver and Debs x

by Alan Bryant on Costello Entertainments
Brilliant Comedian

We saw Carl on a cruise recently, and I have to say it was a most enjoyable time, we were laughing from start to finish tears were running down our faces and you can't say that about many comedians these days, carry on the great work Carl, is there a DVD of Carl as I would love to purchase one if at all possible.

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