Party Bands for Hire

When you begin to consider Party Bands for hire the choices available can seem overwhelming. We provide Party Bands in all local areas of the UK.

You can start to define the types of Party Bands for hire that will be appropriate for your party or event, by first thinking about the type of music that will be needed. For example at most wedding receptions guests will be from a wide age group and Party Bands for hire that play a wide variety of music covering most decades from the 60’s onward will be appropriate.

Alternatively, the majority of guests may be from either a younger or an older age group and appropriate Party Bands for hire will provide the right music from recent decades or from earlier decades. A suitable band’s service will provide two sets of live music each lasting forty five minutes each, with a break in between and afterwards.

Do Your Party Bands for Hire Provide a Disco?

All of our Party Bands for hire will play a mix of music on auto pilot through their PA systems during their breaks which either they will provide or you can provide recorded music on a digital device and they will play it for you. Some bands provide a disco service at additional cost. To check which of these services an individual band provides check their individual profiles. If your preferred band doesn’t provide a disco service and you would like one, we will provide a dedicated mobile disco at reasonable cost (see below).

For Free Advice and Guidance

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Mobile Disco

If required a Mobile Disco is available at reasonable cost to ensure that the audience are kept entertained and dancing during band breaks.

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