Party Entertainment Ideas

Published by Mike Costello on August 16, 2016

There are many different party entertainment ideas, with more gaining popularity all the time. I’ll provide an overview of the most popular ones here to give you some ideas.


PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - ANGELINA JOLIE LOOKALIKECelebrity Lookalikes are a great fun addition to your party and one of the better party entertainment ideas.

Your favourite Lookalike will add a little sparkle and excitement. Consequently, guests remember their interaction with the Lookalike long after your party is over. Furthermore, selfies with the Lookalike are great to keep and share on social networks. Your family will keep selfies forever as a reminder of your special party.

Also, some Lookalikes do a little more than meet and greet and posing for photo’s. For example if required Del Boy Lookalike will do a little leg-pulling with your “victim” in typical Del Boy style. Keith Lemon Lookalike provides interactive games as Keith does on TV. And Manuel Lookalike serves at tables over dinner causing a little chaos and hilarity.

If you decide to hold a themed party for example a Hollywood themed party you may hire Hollywood Lookalikes. Similarly, Pop Star Lookalikes are available for Pop Star parties and Comedy Lookalikes for family parties.

Fake Paparazzi Photographers

PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - FAKE PAPARAZZIFake Paparazzi are perfect for setting the scene at parties and one of the novel party entertainment ideas. Each photographer is a fun character skilled in interacting and raising a smile from your guests. Most of all your guests feel special when you make them feel like a celebrity.

Fake Paparazzi photographers perfectly compliment Celebrity Lookalikes. A red carpet finishes off the effect for the party to come.

Finally, a complete set of photo’s is provided  from which your guests can choose and order online.

Tribute Bands and Tribute Acts

Tribute ActsPARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - FREDDIE MERCURY TRIBUTE are amongst the most popular party entertainment ideas during the last four decades.

The biggest Pop Artistes and bands have at least one Tribute act that impersonates them. Some Pop Artistes have several Tribute acts for you to choose from.

Hiring Pop act Tributes for parties and events caught on early. Initially top Hotels and venues realised the potential of this type of entertainment. Later theatres realised that these acts would put bums on seats too. Nowadays many Tribute act Fees are within the budget of private parties.

When you’ve chosen your favourite Tribute act and booked them, get ready to enjoy them at your party. They provide all equipment needed for their performance and set everything up and sound check before your guests arrive. If your room is in use during the day, they will set-up when it’s convenient.

More Party Entertainment Ideas


PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - CARICATURISTCaricaturists have proved popular for many years, primarily because of the novelty factor and another of the better party entertainment ideas. Guests like the idea and look forward to what the finished caricature of themselves might look like. In addition guests take home a finished caricature of themselves.

The best Caricaturists draw for a living, consequently they complete each caricature quite quickly. Most guests will want to take one home so it’s important to hire an experienced Caricaturist. They are great party entertainment ideas and reasonably priced.

Caricaturists are hired for all types of private parties and events and a personal caricature makes a great memento of the occasion. Something to take home, frame and hang on the wall to remember your fun times with family and friends. All the Caricaturist needs to produce caricatures is for his subjects to stay reasonably still in order that he can draw their likeness in caricature.


PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - SINGER LUCIESingers get guests in the mood for the party and dancing and are the perfect music artistes for parties. They are booked for different types of parties, are flexible and tailor their performance to the occasion. They are regularly booked from our list of party entertainment ideas.

The best way to select a singer to suit your party is to check their repertoire. If their repertoire and music are suitable you’re on the right track. After that, viewing their video or listening to their audio demos will help you reach a decision.

Singers provide all equipment needed for their performance. In addition they set-up their equipment and sound-check before your guests arrive. If that isn’t possible because your room is in use throughout the day, they set-up when it’s convenient.

Singers split their performances into sets, these are frequently 2 x 45 minute sets. Other options include 3 x 30 minutes or occasionally 2 x 1 hour sets. The singer will perform sets to meet your needs.


PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - STEVEN MAGICIANMagicians are very flexible entertainers that are a perfect fit for party entertainment and one of our regularly booked party entertainment ideas. They perform amazing magic at all types of parties and are able to entertain seated or standing audiences. The duration of entertainment is typically two hours and is adjustable to your requirements. Selected magicians entertain children and adults at family parties.

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Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Published by Mike Costello on August 9, 2016

You’re organising a corporate entertainment and your thoughts turn to the type of entertainment to hire. Next you use Google to search for Corporate Entertainment Ideas. Finally you find this post and I hope it helps.

i Pad Magicians

i PAD MAGICIAN-CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT IDEASMagicians are innovative performers and some use digital technology with manipulation skills in this new exciting form of magic which is a new addition to our corporate entertainment ideas.

For example the i pad screen shows a chocolate bar, the magician reaches inside the screen and pulls it out. All kinds of objects may be removed for example your company logo, or your company’s product. Consequently this type of magic is suitable for entertainment during dinner, trade fares, office events and conferences.

Multiple i pads are used for stage shows making a wall of i pads. Next the magician walks into the i pad wall and he is inside the i pad screens. Finally, he walks across inside the i pad screens and out the other side! Many other illusions are performed.

Bubble Artistes

BUBBLE ARTISTE-CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT IDEASBubble Artistes create multiple bubble sculptures from nothing more than soap solution and water. They will keep your audience engrossed as they build towers and shapes consisting of individual bubbles. In addition the Bubble Artiste will create more anticipation as he fills alternate bubbles with smoke. Most of all this entertainment is a varied and thrilling option from our corporate entertainment ideas.

A stage in a theatre style space is ideal for this entertainment. Alternatively, a suitable smaller performance area in a wide variety of venues may be used. All specifications for this type of performance are provided by the performer.

Video Mapping

VIDEO MAPPING-AERIAL WALL RUNNINGNew technology is enhancing all types of performances including aerial performances dance and singing. Video mapping is becoming all present in performances. Video mapping can be seen creating interactive moving scenery in many forms of entertainment. Therefore, video mapping performances are very popular corporate entertainment ideas.

Imagine aerial performers running the Great Wall of China, down the Eiffel Tower or a giant version of your companies product. Consequently the only limit to the possibilities is imagination. The performers need temporary wall staging and suitable rigging which they help with.

Dancers become part of the video as they tell a story and interact with the video projection. Similarly, singers move and become part of the video mapping sequences played out on the backdrop. As a result video mapping possibilities are endless and a powerful element in modern performances.

Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Aerial Bar Tenders

FEMALE AERIAL BAR TENDER-CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT IDEASAerial Bar Tenders will delight your guests if you’re looking for something different to include at your event. They will pour champagne for your guests whilst hanging upside-down, interact with them and are attractive. Both male and female Aerial Bar tenders are available. Furthermore, if you require other drinks they will pour these too.

The Artistes supply everything for their performance with a choice of costume themes and colours. They provide a supporting framework which can be set-up in a suitable location for their performance. The Artiste then hangs upside down from the framework whilst topping-up your guests glasses with some nice bubbly. This is amongst the corporate entertainment ideas that are ambient and perfect for setting the scene at events. It’s perfect for corporate events and in addition weddings, garden parties and all other reception events.

The most notable reaction from guests is the smile on their faces as they get their glasses topped-up with bubbly. Interacting with the Artiste is also delightful.

Shadow Performers

SHADOW PERFORMERSShadow performers create stories that stir the emotions by performing in silhouette behind a back-lit screen. Attraction won the Final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2013 when this type of performance first came to public attention. The performers create imaginative stories and subsequently the audience is thoroughly entertained. Other Shadow Theatre Groups have since been formed and they are one of our popular corporate entertainment ideas.

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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Published by Mike Costello on July 19, 2016

Your Wedding Day is the one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Your wedding reception is what you and your guests will really look forward to, though the ceremony is clearly important. Because the best wedding entertainment ideas are simple they need not break the bank.

Set the Scene with Party Favours

First of all it’s a party and should be fun. Set the scene with a variety of party favours to loosen-up your guests. Because masks of famous personalities are fun they are perfect for larking around and taking selfies.

Rocket balloons – the ones that make a screeching noise when let loose will cause a stir in a fun way as they whizz around. Silly string creates a little fun and mayhem while other fun items include deely boppers and plastic sunglasses.

Children’s Entertainment

Since the majority of weddings have children present entertainment for them is regarded as an essential option from the wedding entertainment ideas and getting them sorted out with activities is a priority. As a result parents can relax and enjoy the night whilst the children are entertained. Furthermore a dedicated room with a child minder for toddlers is very useful. Finally, activity tables complete with colouring books, crayons, bubbles and small toys engage young children.


Furthermore a games area for older children keeps them busy for hours. Popular games are X Box, Wii Games, air hockey, table football, giant Scalextric and electronic simulators.

Create Entertainment Areas

In addition create different entertainment areas for your guests, this will be one of the most effective wedding entertainment ideas.

In a Reception Area – set-up a Wishing Tree for Guests’ Messages. In addition a Photo Board and Instamatic Camera for Guests Photo’s or a Photo Booth will enhance this experience.

Arrange a Lounge Area – with sofas, chairs, coffee tables and dim lighting for snacks, chatting and drinking.


Dancing Area – for a Band or Disco to suit your budget.

Interactive Food Area – with staff to provide a Pasta Bar, Grilled Cheese Bar or Grilled Chicken Bar. Guests choose their own toppings and sauces.

Specialist Drinks Tasting Area – drinks specialists provide Taster Sessions. Wine, Whiskey or Cocktails create a point of interest and delight your guests.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding entertainment ideas that guests remember are the surprises that nobody expected. Comedy waiters, for example foreign/broken English speaking waiters cause mayhem whilst trying to communicate with guests. While they try to work out what is going on the waiters accents suddenly don’t sound quite so authentic.

Furthermore, surprise Lookalikes suitable for all age groups suddenly burst into proceedings and after suitable introductions entertain guests. Del Boy or Keith Lemon Lookalikes are very popular wedding entertainers. Aerial Entertainers also provide the surprise element and impressive entertainment.


Surprise Late Night Entertainment

A fireworks display tops off a memorable day. Therefore announce surprise entertainment for the end of the night and you will give your guests a reason to stick around.


Daytime Entertainment

Giant Games for outdoors or indoors in inclement weather are a good idea for daytime entertainment hire. Also other Giant Games include crazy golf courses, giant Jenga, giant Connect Four and giant Buzzer games which are all very popular. Inflatables including bouncy castles, giant slides, surf simulators, rodeo bulls and gladiator duels are also great fun for adults and kids.

Dancers may be hired to suit your culture for entertainment during dinner and they include Lion Dancers, Flamenco Dancers and Belly Dancers. Also singers offer a variety of genres of music including jazz, swing and pop. In addition musicians provide a wide array of music options including String Quartets, Acoustic Guitarists, and Pianists.

Wedding entertainment ideas are wide and varied and only limited by budget. Whatever you decide to hire, your guests will be there to support you on your big day and they’ll be happy to see you tie the knot together.

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Celebrate Cost Effectively With Tribute Acts

Published by Mike Costello on June 7, 2016

Professionalism and expertise are what matter most when you have to organise an important social event and you can celebrate cost effectively with Tribute Acts. If there is a party approaching, it’s better to let professionals arrange the entertainment and focus on the things you do best. With all the services offered by modern entertainment agencies, any party, event, exhibition, trade show, business opening, conference or charity event can be turned into a truly memorable event, even if you are on a tight budget. All you need to do to get the party started is hire tribute acts and celebrity lookalikes. Here are a few useful pointers on how to entertain guests cost-effectively.

Celebrate With Tribute Acts

Entertainment agents will offer you a great range of acts to choose from but if you want to have an unusual party, they will tailor a programme to suit your taste and budget so that you can celebrate cost effectively with tribute acts. They need to know the number of guests, their age group, your preferences, together with location, time and date of your event. You can hire singers, duos or bands but if you’re budget is limited, then tribute acts are a better alternative. They perform songs of famous artistes live and can easily tailor their performance to meet your needs and requirements.

Entertainment agents will provide you with their demo materials and previous client feedback for you to make an informed choice. Find out what music your guests love listening to and include it in the entertainment. There are tribute acts that perform repertoires of the world’s most popular artistes of the past and present, so nearly every guest will be entertained regardless of age.

Hire a Celebrity Lookalike to Surprise Your Guests

Celebrity lookalikes are a wallet-friendly option when compared to famous sports people, TV show or Sitcom stars. You can browse through an impressive database of people that bear a striking resemblance to Hollywood stars, Royal persons, TV presenters, sports people and pop stars and hire them for your party also you can celebrate cost effectively with tribute acts. For example your guests can meet an Angelina Jolie, George Clooney or Brad Pitt lookalike. They are available for meet and greet, photo shoots, product launches, corporate events, advertising and exhibitions.

A Marilyn Monroe lookalike will perform Marilyn’s famous songs as well as meeting and greeting your guests, while a Queen lookalike is suitable for meeting and greeting, short speeches, presentations, parties and corporate events. If you want other Royal lookalikes to attend your party, why not hire a Prince William and Kate Middleton lookalike? You can hire one or any combination of lookalikes to give your party a twist. Football enthusiasts would love to meet a David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike. Thanks to modern entertainment agencies you can make somebody’s dream come true with a wide variety of lookalikes.

A wide range of quality entertainment is now readily available on the Internet making it possible to throw a fun memorable party or arrange a business event at minimum expense. Instead of hiring famous artistes and superstars which may be prohibitively expensive, you can hire celebrity lookalikes and tribute acts that are much more affordable allowing you to celebrate cost effectively with tribute acts. Next time you throw a party, have a dedicated specialist organise entertainment, as they have many more options and ideas for entertaining your guests.



How to Hire a Celebrity

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 29.01.2015

Everybody it seems is interested in celebrities or how to hire a celebrity and multi-billion pound industries around the world have a vested interest in keeping it that way.

Celebrities are in our faces from the moment we wake up to the minute we go to bed on TV, Radio, on our computer screens and in the press, so it’s hardly surprising that people are interested in them. Everybody would like to live the lifestyle of a celebrity or become personally associated with their favourite celebrity in some way.

Over the years the public have become accustomed to seeing celebrities at events, at launch events for local businesses or perhaps appearing at a local venue, even bumping into celebrities on holiday or at the airport. So it comes as no surprise that they would like to have a more personal experience with a celebrity even if it’s just for a short while. But how to hire a Celebrity and how much will it cost?

How to Hire a Celebrity

When you’re choosing a celebrity, you should take care to choose an appropriate celebrity with the right skills for your event, step one in how to hire a celebrity. For example you might be interested in booking an actor from one of the UK soaps. However, if your event is to present Awards, unless the actor has had previous presenting experience they may not be suitable. On the other hand if you want a Soap Actor to attend a business launch event to gain some publicity they would be perfect.

I recently had an enquiry for a famous singer from a couple who were having dinner together and they wanted the singer to join them for their intimate dinner. The enquiry made perfect sense to the couple, but a singer well…sings and since the famous singer didn’t know the couple it might have been a little awkward so the couple needed a little advice on how to hire a celebrity.

A little research about the Celebrity will often give you an idea about their individual skills and how to hire a celebrity or they may simply be known as for example a TV Presenter. An engagement that involves presenting Awards or presenting a Keynote speech for a company may well be a good fit in this case.

After Dinner Speakers are available for almost every different type of after dinner speaking engagement, again some research in the planning stages will focus your attention on the type of After Dinner Speaker you will need. When approaching an agent for relevant speakers you will then be in a position to say what the subject of the after dinner speech should be. For example it might be sport, motivational for company staff, inspiring for young people and so on. If the purpose is to lift the mood at a conference it might be appropriate to specify a comedian that is familiar with corporate audiences.

In short a little time considering both what you want a celebrity to do for you and if there is a subject involved with the event, what particular knowledge or skill your celebrity should have will make your search that much easier.

Steps to Booking a Celebrity

Most people will start by typing their favorite celebrities name into Google to see what results they get, but generally apart from biographies, photos and newspaper or magazine stories, there is precious little in the way of detail on how to book a celebrity, much less their personal contact details or how much they cost.

It might be possible to contact a celebrity directly or through their family or friends if you’re lucky enough to know them, or you may know someone who has booked the celebrity previously and they may be able to help you. More often these routes yield little in terms of real progress in making a booking.

Almost all celebrities have a manager or agent, who they appoint to manage their career, including TV, radio and press interviews, look after their diary, and negotiate professional engagements and personal appearances. Often managers will appoint a particular live booking agent whose job it is to negotiate and arrange all live appearances for the celebrity. Further agents may also be involved in negotiating bookings and dealing with the celebrities’ manager or live booking agent.

Due to close working relationships between a celebrities manager and various agents which are often built up over many years, it’s very difficult for individuals to find relevant contact information or deal direct with the people handling the day to day affairs for celebrities. When you do find an agent that is involved with booking celebrities its best to provide them with the information they need to check availability and provide a quotation.

When it’s been established that your celebrity is available and happy to make a personal appearance for you and you have received a quotation it will be your decision whether to make a booking. Once you have decided and providing you wish to make a booking, the agent will issue contracts and will often expect payment in full before the event.

Budget for a Celebrity

When you enquirer about a celebrity it’s important to set a budget limit. Often you won’t know what celebrities charge so it may be difficult to specify a budget. In that case it may help you decide by thinking about the maximum you can afford and asking the agent for a few alternatives within your maximum budget. This will help the agent concentrate on just those celebrities that may be hired within your budget. If you simply can’t settle on a figure, a short discussion with the agent will normally give you some ideas and help you to decide on a budget.

Notice Required to Hire a Celebrity

Inquiries to hire a celebrity are received daily and if it’s important that you hire a particular celebrity, it makes sense to secure them and make a booking without delay, because it’s not certain they will be available later. Contracts will be issued and payment is often payable in advance. Part and part payment may be possible in some cases, much depends on the celebrities’ manager and the agent will advise you.

Arrangements for Celebrities

Your detailed instructions are normally requested once contracts have been signed and payment received. A brief is normally prepared and given to the celebrity. If a rehearsal is needed that will also be arranged. Any accommodation arrangements are normally made by the celebrities’ manager and will be confirmed via the agent.

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How to Become a Celebrity Lookalike

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 22.01.2015

How to Become a Celebrity Look alike


It normally becomes quite obvious, quite soon if you look like a famous celebrity and the most frequently asked question is how to become a Celebrity Lookalike.

Surely if you look like a Celebrity you know yourself don’t you? Well in my experience you’re normally the last person to realise you look like a celebrity. You will of course have been told by family and friends, however I find that you’ll often want confirmation from someone independent. Take a walk down any high street or go for dinner at a busy restaurant and if you’re a famous lookalike people will comment, ask to have their photo taken with you, even ask for your autograph if they’re convinced you’re the real deal.

So it’s likely you may become aware that you look like someone famous, but how to become a Celebrity Lookalike and how do you make some money from it? A lot depends on just how closely you resemble the celebrity. Very often I receive photos from people who say that friends and family tell them they look like a celebrity and I can see the resemblance, but they’re not particularly close lookalikes. Sometimes I look at a new photo and don’t need to read on to know who they look like, they’re dead ringers.

How to Become a Celebrity  Lookalike

Delboy Lookalike


To start the process of how to become a Celebrity Lookalike and get discovered as a lookalike, have some photos taken and send them to a Lookalike Agency. To give the best impression, have photos taken somewhere interesting (photos at home or in the garden look a bit naff). The photos don’t need to be taken by a professional photographer, but should be sharp and in focus, preferably taken with a good quality camera or high end mobile phone. A little bit of care at this stage may pay dividends later, make sure that your photos are in a similar style to the celebrity lookalike. If possible wear similar clothing, make-up and hairstyling for ladies and similar clothing for guys, hairstyling and facial hair if your celebrity has facial hair.

When you’ve submitted your photos by e mail you can expect a reply within seven days. If you’ve been accepted as a lookalike you should expect to answer a few practical questions such as your availability for bookings, and whether you own a vehicle or will be relying on public transport to travel to bookings. The Lookalike Agency will also want to know if you’ve had any previous experience as a lookalike and which other Lookalike Agencies you’ve worked with. Some bookings for lookalikes can be during the day during the week, so if you’re holding down a full-time job, you’ll need to let your Agency know. Other bookings are in the evenings or at weekends so you may still be able to attend some bookings.

How to become a Good Celebrity Lookalike

Gordon Ramsay Lookalike


So you’re a lookalike of someone famous, what next? Assuming you’re a new lookalike and haven’t had any previous experience of attending events, you need to spend some time perfecting your look, acting like and if possible sounding like your particular celebrity. Clients want to hire the next best thing to the famous celebrity, so they want the lookalike to be as close as possible to the real thing. This will mean that to become the recognized best lookalike of your celebrity, you will need to pay special attention to their entire persona. Observe them in the media for any fashion changes, observe the way they walk, talk and move and follow suit. If your accent is very different from the original don’t worry too much, the client is hiring a lookalike after all and it may still be possible to get a few words & phrases perfected which can be repeated when needed. It’s worth mentioning that being pleasant, interacting and socialising are very important when appearing as a lookalike at events.

Is There Much Demand for Lookalikes

If you’re fortunate enough to be one of the more popular lookalikes for example David Beckham, Marilyn Monroe or The Queen then yes, demand is fairly healthy. If you’re not one of the more popular lookalikes, then it probably means that you will receive bookings from time to time when your particular celebrity is in the news, releasing a new film perhaps or when you fit the profile for an event that’s being organized. What is much more predictable is that the work is always fun and enjoyable. What’s not to like about being paid for attending a party or event where the guests are all enjoying themselves and you’re the celebrity lookalike hogging the limelight? I hope I’ve answered your question How to Become a Celebrity Lookalike.

So are you a famous lookalike, do you know someone who is? We’d love to hear from you and receive your photos. After all you’ll never know if you don’t try!

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How an Entertainment Agency Will Save You Time and Money

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 20.01.2015

How an Entertainment Agency Will Save You Time and Money

How an Entertainment Agency will save you time and money is difficult to understand for most people. An experienced Agent has a contacts book filled with a wide variety of entertainers at different price points to provide you with options to save you money.

Judging from the questions I get asked on a daily basis people know very little about how entertainment agencies work. For example today I was asked “Will I have to ring the entertainer myself to make arrangements?” So it’s not surprising that they assume entertainers will cost more through an Agent.

How an Entertainment Agency Will Save You Time and Money

Just one example of how an Entertainment Agency will save you time and money, they will speak to entertainers for you, check availability, provide choices, negotiate fees, make arrangements and issue contracts. In addition they will deal with venue requirements, entertainer requirements and any questions you may have along the way, leaving you free to enjoy the entertainment.

Saving Money

A second example of how an Entertainment Agency will save you time and money due to the number of acts they deal with, long standing working relationships with entertainers and often have considerable buying power in view of the regular work they supply to entertainers.


Another area where an Entertainment Agency can provide considerable help is with choosing, dealing with and the going rates for good quality experienced entertainers.

Everyone knows about entertainers don’t they? Frequently not. For example today I was asked: “Can the Comedian do an hour, have a break and do another hour later in the evening?” Whilst this may sound reasonable enough to someone that hasn’t booked a Comedian before, an experienced Agent would see the problem immediately. Typically, Comedians perform anything from 10-20 minutes (Comedy Clubs) or 30 to 45 minutes (parties and Corporate Events).

There are many more examples of entertainers working practices that can be confusing to people outside the entertainment industry, which an Entertainment Agency will help to explain and save you time.

Singers, Bands, Discos, Comedians

For singers the task of being noticed amongst literally thousands of other singers is daunting and Entertainment Agencies are frequently the main source of work, so it makes sense that an established Entertainment Agency will have a large number of singers for you to choose from. An Agency can therefore match singers to clients requirements and budgets. This pattern is repeated with Bands, Comedians, Magicians, Discos and pretty much all types of entertainers.

Entertainers may have their own tales to tell about bad experiences at the hands of unscrupulous Agents. One of the best ways that both clients and entertainers can have peace of mind when dealing with an Entertainment Agency is to only deal with Entertainment Agents that are members of the Agents’ Association (Great Britain). Members agree to a strict code of conduct and professional ethics, which helps to make the experience of hiring talent transparent, fair and in accordance with all current legislation.

So in future Blog posts I will shine a light into the Entertainment Industry, answer your questions, offer some insights and provide some practical advice to help you choose the right entertainers for your party or event.

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How to Find The Right Musician For You

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 12.01.2015

How to Find The Right Musician For You

When you search for a Musician you’re likely to find a wide variety of musicians with different training and experience many of which may not be available for your event. How do you find the right musician for you? What seems straightforward may need much more effort if you want to find the right musician.

How to Find The Right Musician For You

Training and experience are important elements when considering which musician you should hire and there are music schools throughout the country, however training is only one aspect of a musician’s ability and as with most things, what they do after music school is often more important.

You can gain some information from websites and this is useful but limited. You may be unable to gain an insight into all the different types of work a musician has done throughout their entire career from a website and any claims they may make are impossible to substantiate without corroboration.

Hiring Musicians

As an example take a Sax player hired for a wedding. A Google search may reveal several different options but it’s often difficult to tell which is best. You can rely on websites and speak to different Sax Players and hope that the information you receive matches your experience on the day. Alternatively, you may want to see before you hire a musician, which may be a problem since they will often be playing at a variety of private events where location and obtaining permission can make this difficult. Alternatively, you may ask for a video or an audio demo. Another way would be to speak to an experienced bona fide entertainment agent with many years of experience in dealing with a variety of Sax players. They will have worked with various Sax players over a number of years and know the ability of each player and be able to make a recommendation based on their first-hand experience.

Making Arrangements

Whichever route you take you need to know that your Sax player is an experienced time served musician with plenty of relevant experience for your even. After you have selected your musician you will need to make a booking and be certain that he/she will arrive on time. They should ask you for a deposit and provide a written agreement, if not this is a cause for concern and doesn’t offer you peace of mind. Your venue will require public liability insurance and PAT test documents for electrical equipment. If the musician provides these straight away it’s a good sign, if you have to keep chasing them not so good.

Musicians should provide you with their Repertoire list from which you may choose a few favorites. They will normally provide a sound system, sometimes lighting and will arrange to set-up equipment at a convenient time before their performance. Performance times offered by musicians are generally 2 x 45mins during a party or event, though most offer some flexibility in this respect. You may want a special song or tune to be played which they may be learn and rehearse beforehand providing you give them sufficient notice which is normally a month minimum. Musicians are an entertaining, flexible and reasonable cost solution for your live music requirements.

Have you hired a musician recently and did the performance live up to the sales hype?

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Mobile Disco – How to Avoid Wasting Money

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 02.08.2014

Hiring a Mobile Disco - How to Avoid Wasting Money

It’s simple enough to hire a mobile disco. It should be straight-forward, however there is a huge range of DJ’s in different areas of the country, charging different fees and with different abilities, service standards and equipment all working in a largely unregulated area of entertainment. With this article we hope to give you some practical advice about what to look out for, what questions you should ask when hiring a mobile disco how to avoid wasting money by hiring the right Mobile Disco for your party or event.

Mobile Disco How to Avoid Wasting Money

A good place to start looking for a mobile disco is a recommendation from family, friends or work colleagues who have booked a particular DJ previously. If they don’t provide a recommendation and you’re starting from scratch a search on Google will provide thousands of options, which in itself can be daunting.

If you search locally for example Mobile Disco and compile a short list of DJ’s that appear to be reasonably professional the next step is to do some research on them. Do they have a website, are customer reviews included, do they provide details of the service they will provide and so on. Follow this up with a phone call to talk about your party or event and what they can provide.

DJ’s Experience

There is no substitute for experience and over time a rooky DJ will work at a variety of functions, venues and audiences from which they will gain valuable experience of a diverse range of events and music, audience types and age groups. In addition they will meet other DJ’s, exchange ideas and develop their individual presentation style. DJ’s who continue on the party scene will provide a wide variety of music covering the last five decades and beyond. Developing an energetic, life and soul of the party personality is key for a party DJ.

Customer Service

Do they answer the phone on your first attempt or does it just go to voice-mail? Do they answer your e mail enquiry? Are they pleasant and helpful?
First impressions count and you can tell a lot about a business by the way they answer enquiries. Do they listen to your requirements, are they pleasant and flexible or are they eager to talk a lot and push their standard service? If they listen, make constructive suggestions and answer your questions you might be on to a winner. Ask if they’re available and their quote and put a tick by their name for a possible booking.

Sound & Lighting Equipment

Ask for either a photo of the DJ equipment or a description of what they will provide. An experienced DJ will ask what type of party or event you’re holding, how many people are attending, together with the capacity of the venue. The larger the number of people and venue the more equipment will be needed and vice versa, in order that the sound equipment is adequate for the room without producing music that sounds distorted or poor quality. Similarly, the lighting needs to provide a visual display that is adequate for the size of room.

Your DJ should have sufficient experience to match his equipment to the room you have hired and provide the details if you want them. Expect to pay extra for additional equipment in cases where the room is larger than average.

Music Choice and Catalogue

One way of identifying an experienced DJ is to discuss what music genres and decades are available. You should ask how they will accommodate your taste and choice of music and that of your guests and whether they will accept a list of preferred music before the event in addition to requests on the night.

An experienced DJ will have an extensive music collection, typically held on a laptop music programme that covers most genres and decades. Any special requests can normally be accommodated.

Public Liability Insurance and PAT Electrical Safety Documents

Venues require these documents and your DJ should hold them for inspection on request. The level of insurance required by venues is routinely £5m and the PAT electrical safety check is carried out on all the DJ’s electrical equipment by a suitably qualified electrician using test equipment. When the test is completed the tester will provide a PAT test document showing the results of tests and if any equipment fails will carry out repairs to ensure all equipment is safe. These documents are renewable annually.

Choosing Your DJ

Established DJ’s often have deputy DJ’s to cover for when bookings are plentiful. You should ask the main DJ if he will accept a personal booking from you as the quality of deputy DJ’s may be difficult to assess and the main DJ better known in your community having attended previous parties and events.

Confirmation of booking

You are entitled to a written confirmation of your booking within seven days detailing the venue address, timings and fee agreed. You should expect to agree terms and pay a deposit to secure a booking. The confirmation should also include the DJ’s address and contact details together with their cancellation policy.

After-Sales Service

Following confirmation you may want further service for communicating your music requirements and to answer any questions you may have. This is an important part of the service and can lead to frustration if your needs aren’t dealt with efficiently prior to your event. This is something you should consider when deciding which mobile disco to book.

Booking a DJ with a reputable Entertainment Agency

An Entertainment Agency may offer a better solution to booking a mobile disco and will take the hassle out of the job of finding the right mobile disco for your party or event. If you’re working to a budget don’t be afraid to tell the agent who will have a variety of DJ’s that charge different fees and will be able to arrange one that fits your budget. Part of the service will be efficient and timely handling of calls, e mails, confirmation and requests for information together with after sales service. A contract to protect your interests comes as standard. Provision of public liability insurance and a PAT certificate is also dealt with together with a replacement DJ service in case of any problems with the DJ you have chosen.

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Guide to Choosing Bands for Hire

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 12.06.2014

Guide to Choosing Bands for Hire

There are as many different types of bands for hire as types of music in the world, wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy guide to choosing Bands for hire?

Guide to Choosing Bands for Hire

When you set out to find a band the first consideration should be the type of music you require and using this guide to choosing bands for hire I aim to help you. In addition to your personal music preferences you will need to give some thought to the people that will be attending your party or event, particularly if it is a wedding or other event with mixed age groups. Since there will be a broad age range of people attending a wedding, a band that reflects that in their repertoire would be the most suitable.

For other types of events the choice of bands for hire may be a little easier if the people attending the event are from a broadly similar age group or if it has been agreed that the event should follow a particular theme eg: 60’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s or 00’s themes.

For some events the choice of bands for hire can be more straightforward, for example a Summer Garden party may immediately suggest either a jazz band or a Caribbean steel band, a St. Patrick’s Night an Irish Band, or a Burns Supper a Scottish Ceilidh Band.

Whatever the event it’s crucially important that you do your homework and possibly use this guide to choosing bands for hire and try to find out what music your guests enjoy most and do your best to find a band that covers the majority of music tastes. For this reason bands hired for weddings, tend to be those that can play songs from several decades, unless the guests are from the same age group and know each other well enough that a more specialized band may be hired for example a Rock band or Soul band if that’s what floats everybody’s boat.

Arrangements for Bands Performances

Magic Steel Band

So this guide to choosing bands for hire has helped a little and you have chosen a band and agreed their fee, what next? Well you can make all the arrangements yourself or you can ask an entertainment agent to make the arrangements for you. You may have chosen your band with the help of an agent in which case you can relax and let him/her make all the necessary arrangements with both the band and the venue.

If you haven’t tackled this sort of thing before it can be a little overwhelming, with band leaders and venues that have certain requirements and sometimes they use technical sounding language.

An entertainment agent can explain everything to you straight forwardly, issue a contract to you and the band for your protection and deal with any technical requirements they and the venue may have.

Bands and Venues – Requirements & Sound Limiters


Bands requirements vary. Practical requirements are typically performance area available at the venue, changing facilities, parking spaces, electrical power matters and power socket availability. Nowadays Venues will require the band to provide a Public Liability Insurance Certificate and PAT Test Results covering equipment electrical safety. If this is beginning to sound a bit more than you want to take on you may either continue reading this guide to choosing bands for hire or give us a call.

A thorny issue may be a sound limiting device installed at venues that are located in residential areas. These are imposed by local authorities when complaints are made by local residents about noise from a venue particularly at night. The local authority will insist that a venue installs a sound limiter to control the level of sound made by bands and other entertainers. The local authority will also set the decibel level that the venue must use for setting the sound limiter to stop noise disturbing local residents.

They pose a particular problem for bands and disco’s because they are usually set to temporarily cut-off electrical power supply at very low noise levels that are often impractical for bands and discos and can damage equipment. Ambient noise from guests such as applause, talking, dancing and singing is all detected by noise limiters and reduces even further the noise that bands and discos are allowed to make. If the sound limiter is tripped mid performance and the music stops dead, it’s annoying for all concerned and disrupts the party.

Band members like to have monitor speakers turned-up so that they can hear their performances clearly, which increases the noise level. The drummer and bass player are the main band members that activate sound limiters, so how can they play quieter? A practical solution for the drummer to play quieter is to use electronic drums which can be turned down via the mixing desk. This facilitates other members turning monitors down and amplification to instruments can also be turned down. The D.J. can turn down his music easily, which may mean that the limiter isn’t activated and everyone can enjoy the party.

If the sound limiter still gets activated and cuts off power to equipment even with these measures in place, other solutions may need to be tested such as lower power speakers or reducing the number of players or singers in the band.

Can I Choose the Music the Band Plays?


When you have chosen the right band for your party or event, can you choose the music they play? Normally a band will allow you to select approx. 6 songs from their repertoire to include during their performance, which includes the first dance at a wedding for example. They will provide their Song List to choose from and providing you give them at least a month notice, will usually learn and rehearse a new song if it isn’t in their repertoire already.

It wouldn’t normally be possible for you to specify all the songs a band will play because they will need to arrange the best playing order for songs and include particular audience favourites to maximise enjoyment of their performance.

Arranging Times for Bands Arrival & Performance

You will need to arrange for the band to arrive and play subject to any meal arrangements and guest arrival times and you can do this yourself or leave it to an agent. If the same room is used for your meal and the band’s performance, a suitable time slot will need to be agreed for the band to arrive and set-up their equipment. If a separate room is hired for entertainment this offers more flexibility for the band to arrive and set-up, without interrupting meal arrangements or guest arrivals.

Separate Disco Hire or Does the Band Provide a Disco?

Sometimes a band will provide a separate DJ with full Disco equipment, lighting and a full range of music to work alongside them. Often when a band advertises a Disco service they may simply provide an i pod or laptop and leave it playing in between their performances. You should ask your band or agent precisely which option your band is providing. A separate DJ will be able to play your preferred music, take requests from your guests and motivate your guests to dance. For some parties an I pod or laptop left playing between band performances may be more appropriate.

I hope this guide to choosing bands for hire has been useful.

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How to Avoid Choosing The Wrong Tribute Acts

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 10.06.2014

Avoid Choosing The Wrong Tribute Acts

Tribute bands or tribute acts are available for almost every famous established band or solo act in the world. When searching for a tribute band or a tribute act you will want to know how to avoid choosing the wrong tribute acts and then start searching for the tribute act that matches your budget.

How to Avoid Choosing The Wrong Tribute Acts

If you use the internet you will likely obtain several options for the same tribute act. For example if you’re looking for a Robbie Williams tribute act a search will provide several options. But how do you decide which one is best? Websites may provide videos often of poor quality but for example you may be able to see that they dance like Michael Jackson and their audio demos may sound like Michael Jackson, but what is their performance really like when they perform live? You will want to avoid choosing the wrong tribute acts.

To find out what they are like during a live performance there are two options. You may be able to go and see them performing live or you could get the inside track from a reputable entertainment agency. You may want to see more than one tribute act performing to make your mind up, which will involve a fair amount of travelling, with the ever present possibility that in the meantime one or more of the acts may receive an alternative booking whilst you are in the process of deciding. It’s an agent’s job to know how different acts perform and to obtain feedback from clients after they have seen them perform. An agent will normally have several tributes to offer for each different type of tribute act.

The Difference Between Tribute Acts and Lookalikes

There is some public confusion between Tribute Acts and Lookalikes which is understandable since both deal with impersonating original stars and celebrities. Lookalikes look like celebrities, Tribute acts sing and perform like famous pop stars and bands and look as close to the original acts as possible. Of course if they also look like the original stars that’s a bonus. Those that don’t look like the pop star or band members facially, often use wigs, make-up and clothing to get as close as they can to the look and style of the pop stars they are impersonating.

Different Types of Tribute Acts

Beatles Tribute Act

Tribute acts can be broadly divided into three different types. Solo Tribute acts (eg: Robbie Williams, Freddie Mercury), Band Tribute acts (eg: Abba, The Beatles) and Show Tributes Acts (Glee, Grease). Solo Tribute Acts or Tribute bands are appropriate for weddings and private parties or corporate events, Tribute shows are more suitable for corporate events.

How to Book Tribute Acts

Once you have decided which Tribute Act you want to book, you will need to make a booking. If you’re making a booking with a reputable Entertainment Agency a Contract will be provided for your protection, as will the provision of a similar replacement act if illness or other unforeseen problems occur with the act you have booked.

Venues and Tribute acts both have certain requirements for performances. Venues often require the act to provide a Public Liability Certificate and a PAT Electrical Safety Certificate. The act will require a certain size area for their performance, may have some technical requirements and will require changing facilities and possibly a hot meal and refreshments, particularly if they have to travel a fair distance. You may choose to deal with these requirements yourself or let a reputable Entertainment Agency deal with them for you.

All that remains is to receive your Tribute Act performance at the agreed time and enjoy their performance.

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Making Your Corporate Event More Entertaining

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 29.05.2014

Making Your Corporate Event More Entertaining

Corporate events can be hugely beneficial for a company, whether it is a team building exercise or that crucial yearly round up of how you are doing their impact cannot be understated. Making your corporate event more entertaining is critical to its success. From multi-national conglomerates to local manufacturers the humble corporate event can bring several levels of workers together in a serious yet enjoyable atmosphere and ensure they are all working toward the same goal. Despite being important events from a company perspective they are often dreaded by those that attend them as they can so easily become boring.

Making Your Corporate Event More Entertaining

Here at Costello Entertainments we believe that these events needn’t be the dreaded formalities that they sometimes can be. We are experts in providing the entertainment that can give them real impact, making your corporate event more entertaining. In this blog we are going to look at some of the best ways in which you can make sure you keep your corporate events informative yet entertaining.

Tribute Bands

Freddie Mercury Tribute Act

The promise of a good quality tribute act at the end of a long day of networking and learning is always a great way to keep people in the right frame of mind. Whether you are looking for a classic such as ABBA or a modern artist such as Adele we have the perfect tribute act to keep your company executives and employees entertained.


What is more exciting than getting to meet one of your favourite celebrities? Whether they are a TV personality or a musician they are sure to excite and engross all attendees to your corporate event. Here at Costello Entertainments we have a huge database of celebrities for you to choose from, all of which are sure to give you the entertaining impact that you require.

So if you are soon to host a corporate event then make sure that it is not the boring meeting that many workers will envisage. Costello Entertainments have a long history of providing everything from corporate entertainment to children’s entertainers and are sure to have something that tickles your fancy.

Walkabout Entertainers


During the course of a corporate event there will undoubtedly be a little down time that can easily lead to boredom. Employing the services of a walkabout entertainer can fill this down time and make sure that company members are kept enlivened and entertained.

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