Childrens Entertainer

Take the worry and stress out of hiring a childrens entertainer for your children party entertainment. In short, we provide kids entertainment to make your party or event a success. Our childrens entertainer will provide a variety of exciting entertainment and back it up with DBS (Police check) documents and Public Liability Insurance.

Costello Entertainments will provide kids entertainment for all types of events. Including parties, weddings, corporate events, summer fairs, car launches, promotional events, businesses, sports and social clubs.

Childrens Entertainer – Magic Shows, Balloon Modelling, Music, Games, Puppets, Face-Painting (Suitable for Ages 2-13 years)

We will provide an experienced childrens entertainer that is reliable, well presented who will deliver kids entertainment for all ages. Moreover, all our childrens entertainers have a minimum of ten years experience of all kinds of parties and events.

Costello Entertainments provides a package of kids entertainment. Typically a childrens entertainer entertains for an hour or two hours for a children’s birthday party. Also we provide children party entertainment services for part of the day or a full day for large events.

Our childrens entertainer specialises in particular types of kids entertainment. For example they include any combination of magic, balloon modelling, music, games and puppets. Occasionally, a childrens entertainer provides a full puppet show. However, our dedicated puppeteers normally specialise in providing puppet shows.

Costello Entertainments childrens entertainer combines several skills, sometimes including face-painting. However, a dedicated face-painter is best because they can spend more time with each child. For example during a two hour party the entertainer entertains, whilst the face-painter paints faces.

It may be possible at smaller parties of say ten to twenty children for a childrens entertainer to provide everything for kids entertainment. In particular they include magic, balloon modelling, music, games and face-painting. However, the face-painting in this case is smaller for example on a cheek or back of a hand.

Circus Workshops (Suitable for Ages 3-13 years)

Costello Entertainments Circus Workshops get children involved in fun activities. Firstly, our skilled childrens entertainer demonstrates how to use the equipment. Typically, this includes juggling (with balls, hoops, plastic clubs and plastic plates), diablo, poi sticks, peddle goes and mini stilts. Then the entertainer children to try the equipment themselves and learn a new skill.

Circus workshops are frequently booked as a stand alone form of kids entertainment. For example older children 7-13 years want to concentrate on circus skills alone. Alternatively, we incorporate shorter periods of circus skills into two hour parties along with magic, balloon modelling, music and games.

Craft Workshops (Suitable for Ages 3-13 years)

Craft Workshops
We provide Craft Workshop supervisors that show children how to make a variety of items suitable for their age group. Including making a funny-face grass head, mask making, necklace and bracelet making, making a door hanger. Also glass painting, plant-pot painting and many more.

The supervisor demonstrates how to make or decorate the items and assists along the way. Then the children choose and make something nice to take home to show “what I made today”

Our Craft supervisors provide several different age appropriate crafts for the children. In essence the crafts keep the children busy and looking forward to taking things home to show everyone.

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