Dancers for Hire

Dancers for Hire include Chinese Lion Dancers, Belly Dancers, Can Can Dancers, Flamenco Dancers, Brazilian Dancers and Bollywood Dancers. They are capable of providing a special focus to grab audiences attention like nothing else.

Dancers are adept at providing uniquely choreographed and exciting shows, to entertain, increase brand awareness, to provide a talking point and provide special memories for everybody concerned.

Hire Dancers

  • Chinese Lion Dancers
  • Belly Dancers
  • Can Can Dancers
  • Flamenco Dancers
  • Brazilian Dancers
  • Bollywood Dancers
  • Irish Dancers
  • Burlesque Dancers

Symbolism Of Chinese Lion Dance

Chinese Lion Dance is used to chase away negative energy and replace it with positive energy using drums, cymbals and gong. The presence of the Lion and the powerful dance it performs also chases away evil spirits and brings good luck to the celebration of a Wedding, New Year or Business Opening.

What Happens During The Chinese Lion Dance

Central to the Chinese Lion Dance is the Lion eating greens. Often this is lettuce and the performers will also receive payment when a red envelope containing payment is tied to one of the lettuce leaves. Alternatively, for weddings a Chinese Calligraphy scroll wishing the couple good luck can be prepared, unfurled and presented to them as a memento during the dance to avoid throwing out lettuce leaves.

The greens are put on the floor for the Lion to eat and he approaches and even tests the food to the right and left hand sides. The Lion is making sure that the greens are food and not for example fire crackers or something dangerous. Then the Lion Dancers will do a three star Dance to warn away others that may want to eat his greens. The Lion picks up and eats the greens and the performer in the head tucks the red envelope into his pocket to avoid bad luck if it is dropped.

The performer in the head tears-up the lettuce and throws it out to the right, left and middle to spread prosperity in all directions. Finally, the music is changed to the “high dance”and the head is raised to symbolise a happy Lion that has consumed his prize.

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Dancers For Hire-Types Of Events

  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Awards Events
  • Business Openings
  • Christmas Lights Switch-Ons
  • Clubs
  • Conferences
  • Fashion Shows
  • Festivals
  • Product Launches
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports Events
  • Store Openings and Store Promotions
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Theatres
  • Themed EventsĀ 
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