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The first of our FAQs and a question every Client asks and we always give an accurate quotation based on the following details:

a) Which Artiste or service do you require?

Sometimes you will know precisely what you want, sometimes you will need guidance. An initial phone call to us and an informal chat can help you decide.

b) Which date and Town?

We have Artistes located in all parts of the UK and it is our policy to provide the best quality Artiste or service available within your budget for a particular date, located as close to your venue as possible.

c) Type of Event and Timings?

Different types of entertainers are appropriate for different types of Events. For example a Harpist might be appropriate for a Wedding or a Corporate function, but not at all appropriate for an 18th birthday party. One of our regular FAQs is the length of time you require an Artiste on site and what time period Artistes performances cover. Normally Artistes are flexible and this will contribute to the fee the Artiste will charge you for their service.

(d) Numbers attending, age groups?

Often the numbers attending an event and the age groups of the guests, will affect the choice of Artiste or service provided and the fee charged.
For example a Band playing to an audience of 200 people will be unlikely to need additional sound and lighting equipment for their performance. However, if the same Band were playing to an audience of 1000 people, it is very likely that they would need to hire additional sound and lighting equipment and this would affect the fee charged.

(e) Your Budget?

Whilst we don’t insist that you give us a budget to work to, you shouldn’t be afraid to inform us of your maximum budget. This helps to concentrate our minds on what is available to you in your price range and it helps us to offer only very specific Artistes or services that are within your budget.

Faqs – Who Are Costello Entertainments And Do I Have Any Safeguards?

Costello Entertainments has been trading successfully and continuously in Manchester since 1976 and is a Full Member of The Agents’ Association (Great Britain).

The Association, founded in 1927, is the largest organisation of its kind. It aims to induce unity of action; to prevent abuses by all reasonable means; to promote and maintain a friendly, professional and harmonious relationship between fellow Members and musicians, Artistes, other performers and all buyers of talent and entertainment services.

All Members must agree to abide by a professional and ethical Code of Conduct laid down by the Agents’ Association (Great Britain).

Costello Entertainments operates as an Employment Agency specialising in the

Entertainment Industry, working under the terms of the Employment Agencies Act 1973 and the Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (as amended). Costello Entertainments is legally

entitled to provide services for the purpose of supplying Employers with workers (referred to in this information as Artistes).
In its capacity as an Employment Agency, Costello Entertainments is neither an Artiste nor an Employer. It generally arranges engagements between the two parties thus forming contracts between Artistes and Employers.

Costello Entertainments may also choose to act as an Employment Business. If we should choose to do so, this will be notified to both parties and we will enter into separate contracts with each party.

FAQs – Type of Entertainment and The Next Step

How To Make A Booking
When you have looked around our site and gained some idea of what is available, you will undoubtedly have some questions that might not be covered by these FAQs. You will want to know what comes next and how to make a booking. We will need information from you in order to meet your exact requirements and ensure that everything runs smoothly at your event.

By Phone

When you are ready to move forward with your enquiry, by far the simplest method of getting answers to all of your questions is to telephone us for an informal chat during business hours which are 9.30am-6pm Mon-Sat

By E Mail

Alternatively, if you just need the cost of your entertainment in order to move forward with your planning, simply use our Contact Us Form Once you have received a quotation and providing that you wish to make a booking please telephone on 0161 703 8737 9.30am-6pm Mon-Sat

By Answering Machine

Outside of our office hours (see above) you may leave your telephone number and your preferred call back times0161 703 8737 and we will phone you back the next business day. We do not accept cancellations by Answering Machine.


We will take all of the details necessary to provide you with a Contract for the Artiste or service that you require including: the name of the Artiste, the Venue, the Date of the Engagement, the Arrival time, Set-Up time, Performance Duration and Performance Times, Fee agreed, method and timing of Payment, together with any other relevant information.


You will be required to make a pre-payment of part of the fee in advance which will be agreed at the time of the booking. Alternatively, the full fee may be required in advance. For clients who make regular bookings we may agree credit terms.

The balance of the fee is payable either four weeks prior to the event by one of the following methods or in cash on completion. We accept all types of credit and debit cards, BACS payments, cheques, postal orders and bank drafts.

FAQs – Cancellation

Once the Artiste and the Employer have entered into an agreement, there is no provision for any cancellation unless agreed by both the Artiste and Employer, duly notified to Costello Entertainments and confirmed in writing.

The cancelled party is under a legal obligation to mitigate their loss and in the case of an Artiste cancelled by an Employer, this will mean that if the Artiste receives an alternative booking for the agreed date, then the Employer need only pay any losses that are still outstanding after the alternative booking has been completed. If there is nothing outstanding then the Employer will have nothing to pay.

In the case of an Artiste cancelling an engagement by an Employer Costello Entertainments acts as negotiator only and is not a party to the resulting contract. For this reason Costello Entertainments cannot accept responsibility for non-fulfilment or breach of any such contract, but every reasonable safeguard is assured. Wherever possible in such cases, Costello Entertainments will replace the Artiste or engagement with one of a similar price and quality.

Not answered your questions? View our full Terms and Conditions or Contact Us at mike@costelloentertainments.co.uk

Or Call 0161 703 8737. Our opening hours are 9.30am-6pm Mon-Sat

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