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Whenever music is required, you can find a musician to provide that special atmosphere. We have a wide selection of musicians.

Pianist for Hire

You may require a pianist for hire for your party, event or corporate entertainment. If you wish to find a musician there are many examples and one of the first to spring to mind is a pianist that would enhance the atmosphere at conferences, restaurants, hotels, summer balls, weddings and corporate events. Whatever your event you may hire musicians including a pianist.

Saxophone Player for Hire

The saxophone produces the most evocative sound. Sax players are amongst the most popular musicians and you will find a musician such as a sax player for hire playing solo with recorded backing music, or alternatively may be accompanied by live guitar or piano. When playing in bands, sax players usually play in Jazz Bands or Soul Bands.

Guitar Player for Hire

Wherever you have heard live music, nine times out of ten you will have seen a guitarist playing. Whether in a restaurant or club, at a live music event, or at a million different types of events, the chances are a guitar player was present. To find a musician including a guitar player for hire, or to hire musicians Contact Us.

Harp Hire

Harpists are amongst the finest of musicians and will provide memorable and unique music. You will find a musician that is experienced for a wedding reception for example, may also grace proceedings at dinners, banquets, balls and many other special events. We provide harp hire for all types of events and a Harpist will be remembered for many years.

Jazz Musicians

Jazz trios and bands of various sizes are very much in demand and may be seen playing at many different events, for example hotels, restaurants, gala days, summer balls, weddings, corporate events, festivals and carnivals. Need to hire musicians for your event? Do get in touch.

Scottish Piper and Irish Piper Hire

We can all recall Scottish pipers on New Year’s Eve. We provide Scottish Piper and Irish Piper hire and pipers are available individually or in bands throughout the year.

A Scottish Piper or Irish Piper may be hired for sporting events, festivals, summer shows, special events, town or civic events, business openings, weddings, corporate events, funerals and other ceremonies. To find a musician suitable for your event Contact Us.

String Quartets

For elegant background music or featured performances with stylish presentations, male, female and mixed string quartets are unsurpassed. Flexibility and professionalism is the key and this form of music has been used successfully in hotels, conferences, corporate entertainment, weddings, exhibitions, restaurants and stately homes.

Classical Musicians

We hire musicians including – Classical Pianists, Guitarists, Harpists, Cellists, Flautists… the list is endless. If you wish to hire musicians including Classical Musicians Contact Us.


Talented and skilled musicians who have the ability to play several instruments are sought after and may be utilised in many different ways. We hire musicians as solo performers, who may also appear as one half of a duo, a member of a trio, a band member or may use their talents in session work or as a member of an orchestra.

They are often found in acts that combine their talent with vocals and comedy, to produce a well-rounded and entertaining performance.

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