Hire a Comedian for Your Party or Event

Are you looking to hire a comedian? We have a large number of comedians available in all local areas of the UK.

Hire a Comedian

You can choose from good experienced comedians for hire including talented stand-up comedians. We book all types of comedians including comedy club comedians and famous comedians.

Comedy has been a mainstay of entertainment in this country for many years. In general stand-up comedians work in one of two different styles. For instance traditional or alternative (up to date) comedy club style comedy. In some cases comedians combine elements of both styles. Whatever type of comedian you require, we will provide a comedian to suit your event. Above all whether it’s comedy after dinner or a private party, we will hire a comedian to match.

Types of Events

If you want a hire a comedian for a Hotel, Golf Club or Holiday Park Costello Entertainments will supply the right comedians for hire. Alternatively, if you’re planning a party, wedding, dinner, corporate event or Golf day we will provide a night of laughter. In addition we provide MC’s for Awards Events and Comedy Auctioneers for Fund Raisers. In summary if it’s comedy you want, we’ve got it covered.

Hire a Comedian for Corporate and After Dinner Comedy

Corporate and after dinner comedians are experienced at performing in front of corporate and after dinner audiences. Although this may seem obvious, it’s worth mentioning that you should avoid comedians without this essential experience.

For instance¬†young comedians start their careers in local comedy clubs, typically at open mic nights. Further, they can become very popular in this environment. However, you shouldn’t assume that they will be equally popular in front of a corporate or after dinner audiences.

Significantly, there are some differences between different comedians experiences. For example the duration of a comedian’s performance. In particular for corporate and after dinner audiences this will normally be 45 minutes. Whereas it’s only 10-15 minutes for comedy club audiences. Consequently, the type and delivery of material is also markedly different. Whereas regular expletives are common in comedy clubs, they aren’t acceptable at all for corporate and after dinner audiences. Nevertheless, as experienced comedy agents we will advise and help you through the selection process to hire a comedian.

Additionally, we have a wealth of corporate and after dinner comedians. Significantly, they have years of experience of performing for this type of audience.

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Hire a Comedian

  • Dave Adams
  • Frankie Allen
  • Andy Askins
  • Karen Bayley
  • Bobby Bender
  • Jimmy Bright
  • Chris Britten
  • Jimmy Cricket
  • Adam Crow
  • Josh Daniels
  • Pauline Daniels
  • Martin Gold
  • Charlie Hale
  • Padraig Hyland
  • Ian Sludge Lees
  • John Martin
  • Ryan McDonnell
  • Mick Monroe
  • Mike Milligan
  • Nicky Newsome
  • Geoff Norcott
  • Tom Pepper
  • Ian Richards
  • Lea Roberts
  • John Ryan
  • Carl Schofield
  • Brian Sharpe
  • Gary Skyner
  • Ollie Spencer
  • Jed Stone
  • Sean Styles
  • Steve Tandy
  • Jamie Sutherland
  • Mike Walker
  • Phil Walker
  • Denny Waters
  • Andy Wilkins
  • Barry York
  • Dusty Young
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