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We are a leading Lookalike Agency and provide hot lookalikes for your party or event. In particular Pop Star Lookalikes, Royal Lookalikes, Hollywood Lookalikes, Comedy Lookalikes and many more that you would expect from a Celebrity Look Alike Agency.

Costello Entertainments Lookalike Agency selects the closest Lookalikes of each celebrity and provide them for every type of event. Of course, we display a selection of Lookalikes and in addition discover new ones every day. Therefore, Lookalikes are available to suit your needs, please enquire with our Celebrity Look Alike Agency if you don’t see who you want.

Could You Find Work with a Celebrity Look Alike Agency?

Costello Entertainments Lookalike Agency are Currently Looking For:

    • Hollywood Lookalikes
    • Pop Star Lookalikes
    • Royal Lookalikes
    • Comedy Lookalikes
    • TV Lookalikes (Bear Grylls, Kim Kardashian, Mr. Bean)
    • Football Lookalikes

Do you have a strong resemblance to a celebrity? Are you being told that you’re a Lookalike by members of the public? Is a friend or relative a dead- ringer for a Celebrity?

Why not e mail some photos to Costello Lookalike Agency and we’ll take a look. You’ll never know if you don’t! E Mail: mike@costelloentertainments.co.uk

What do Lookalikes do at Events?

At Costello Entertainments Lookalike Agency we’re asked what Lookalikes do when they’re hired. In fact we provide Lookalikes for all types of events and their services are used in different ways.

Parties and Events

Costello Entertainments Celebrity Look Alike Agency books Lookalikes for parties and events. Typically, they meet and greet guests at receptions, then mix, mingle and interact with them. Frequently Lookalikes pose for photo’s with guests who keep them as a memento.

Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Conferences, Product Launches, Business Openings

At Exhibitions and Trade Shows a constant problem for companies is attracting attention to the company stand. Thus a perfect solution is to call a Lookalike Agency for a wide selection of Lookalikes that everybody recognises. In particular we advise the most suitable Lookalikes to hire for maximum impact to attract attention to your stand.

Costello Entertainments Celebrity Look Alike Agency supplies a variety of Lookalikes and attendees love to have their photo’s taken with them. Hence Lookalikes are a useful ice breaker. Also we provide Lookalikes that are experienced at interacting with attendees. They hand out your company materials. In addition photo’s of Lookalikes at your stand are a very useful marketing tool.

Weddings, Hotels and Restaurants

Lookalikes are perfect for weddings and our Lookalike Agency hires them to provide fun and excitement during the wedding breakfast or reception. Usually, Lookalikes are hired as a surprise guest to appear at an appropriate moment. Further the Lookalike is normally the Bride or Groom’s favourite Lookalike.

Awards Ceremonies

Our Lookalike Agency hires Lookalikes to provide elements of surprise and interest at Awards Ceremonies. For example Patsy for the fashion Industry, Gordon Ramsay for the catering industry, or a Football Lookalike for football awards.


We hire Lookalikes for festivals and summer fairs adding to the fun and revelry. Moreover Lookalikes interact with festival goers, joking around and posing for photo’s.

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