Bands for Hire – Factors to Consider

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 15.07.2011

Professional bands for hire can liven up any celebration, be it a wedding reception, corporate event or a birthday party. With a lot of live music booking agencies available in the market, it is often hard to make your mind and choose wisely. It may be useful to take into consideration the following factors before booking reputable bands for hire.

Plan Your Budget

Depending on the number of musicians and their reputation, the cost of bands for hire varies. It is obvious that hiring an orchestra is more expensive than hiring a duo or a small band with their own instruments and equipment. Artists with a strong reputation usually charge higher fees but whatever price you pay, their work is often worth every penny you spend. Keep in mind that there is normally a few extras like travel expenses and costs of food and beverages for bands, so don’t forget to contact the agency and ask consultants to include the total cost in the quote.

Opt For Professional Bands for Hire

Semi-pro, amateur or garage bands may ruin your celebration, so hiring reputable musicians is a must. Leading entertainment agencies work closely with experienced artists over many years, ensuring a high level of customer service. In order to make the right choice, listen to the samples of music and look through customer reviews at the sites of leading booking agencies. If the agency receives overwhelmingly positive feedback, it may be wise to book bands from this particular company.

Choose The Right Music

In order to choose the right music style, consider the theme of your celebration. If you are going to arrange a wedding reception, lounge, jazz or blues may all be in good taste. Punk, rock or pop music is often acceptable when you are celebrating the birthday of a teenager. It may be a good idea to choose bands with a suitable repertoire to create a special atmosphere. In addition, you can negotiate with musicians to perform songs of your choice to make your celebration truly memorable.

Performance Times and Duration of Performance

Contemporary bands for hire usually don’t perform during the whole evening and it’s vital to negotiate about the schedule of their performance. Reputable musicians normally play two sets of live music of 45 minutes each with a break between and afterwards, during which guests are entertained by recorded music. If you want musicians to perform at special times, negotiate with reputable bands well in advance.

Consider Arrival and Setting-up Times

Musicians arriving and sound checking their equipment in the middle of a celebration is disruptive, so make sure to negotiate the time of their arrival. Ask musicians how long it may take to set-up and sound check equipment and arrange an appropriate time, so your guests can enjoy music right from the beginning of the event.
To sum up, reputable musicians may enhance the atmosphere of weddings, parties and receptions. Before hiring a band, consider the factors listed above in order to choose wisely and make your celebration special.

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