Comedians for Hire

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 28.07.2010

Types of Comedians for Hire

Simple enough, all comedians for hire are well……comedians aren’t they? At first sight all comedians make people laugh, but all use different material and have different experience, which makes them suitable for different types of parties and events.

You’ve decided that you don’t want a blue comedian that will offend Aunty Maude or your boss, but how do you choose the right one?

Types of Event

The best place to start is the type of event you are organizing. If it’s a private party it would be a good idea to look for comedians for hire with experience of mixed audiences that have a wide age range for example in Holiday Resorts, family audiences, social clubs and similar. It would be a bad idea to book a comedian who usually works in Comedy Clubs, because his/her material is unlikely to be suitable for a family audience and his / her normal spot would last approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.

Many comedians for hire won’t entertain audiences containing children because their material may be unsuitable. The best policy is to discuss your requirements with your Agency, describe your audience and ask for their advice. They will usually make it clear for which audiences individual comedians are best suited.

Corporate Events

If you’re organizing a corporate event it is often overlooked that appropriate comedians for hire will need to have experience of entertaining at corporate events. Firstly, what is the age group of the audience – are they young, mixed age groups, or an older audience? Are they single sex or a mixed audience? Does the comedian have experience of working for corporate audiences, or is their experience limited to social clubs, or comedy clubs?

For corporate events, it is important that the comedians for hire are experienced in this area of comedy, have material suitable for the ages and sex of the audience and that they won’t offend an often diverse ethnic mix of people. Often forty five minutes is required for a corporate stand up spot, so it won’t be any use if the comedian normally performs for fifteen minutes in comedy clubs. The comedian is most often required not to use bad language. However, cheeky, rude and inoffensive remarks might be tolerated, so it’s always a good idea to discuss these matters with your agency.

Types of Comedians

Your event may be all male or all female and you should be searching for comedians for hire with relevant experience. Similarly, a blue comedian is sometimes required. This has become a specialized area of comedy and very few comedians are capable of handling this type of audience. An experienced agent will be the best person to advise and provide the right comedians for hire.

Female audiences may require a female comedian and the audience age group, type of event and the comedians’ experience should be considered as above.

If you are searching for a particular comedian for your party or event, the best plan would be to speak to your agent who will be able to advise on the suitability of the comedians for hire for your event, contact the comedian and negotiate a fee.

Finally, you may be searching for a comedian from a particular country or from a particular region of the UK. Your agent will have the contacts and experience to match the right comedian to your event, make recommendations, provide details and negotiate fees.

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