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Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 13.08.2010

Selecting a Reputable Entertainment Agency

So you think you may need the assistance of an Entertainment Agency, but how do you select a reputable one?

First impressions are important and a guide to the professionalism of the agency or otherwise. For example when you phone, is your experience a pleasant one or does the Agent sound too busy to listen to your concerns?

If the agency passes this test you might like to dig a little deeper before using their service. How long have they been established, are they members of a professional organization, is the Agent knowledgeable and pleasant, can he answer your questions, does the agency have a professional website, or does it contain out of date information, look unprofessional or have poor or incomplete information?

Try sending the Entertainment Agency an e mail inquiry and see how quickly and completely they answer your questions.

Advantages of Booking Acts With a Reputable Entertainment Agency

Most people if they are being honest view an Entertainment Agency as middle men who will be more expensive if acts are booked through them rather than booking acts direct.

After all using the internet why not DIY and save some money into the bargain?

Dealing With Acts, Contracts, Working Practises and Government Legislation

Firstly, an entertainment agency doesn’t simply book acts. Whilst this is clearly a central function, it is far from being their only function. They will have wide contacts and working relationships with acts and entertainment service providers and be available to help and advise on a wide range of specialist matters within the Entertainment Industry.

For example Performance Standards, Working Practices, Event Management, Contract Law, Acts Professional Organizations and Government Regulations are just a few matters dealt with by an entertainment agency.

Act Search and Matching Your Requirements

Secondly, the entertainment agency will have wide and varied contacts with acts and a working knowledge of each act’s talent and skill. The Agent will be able to match your requirements exactly with a suitable act and if that particular act is unavailable, will have the resources to find another similar act.

If you have a particular budget the Agent will know which acts are likely to come close to your budget and be in a position to negotiate a fee that is acceptable to both parties.

Negotiating Fees

Third, an Entertainment Agency will have wide contacts and first hand knowledge of individual acts talent, skill and experience, together with a working knowledge of established fees within the Entertainment Industry for each type of act.

A reputable agency will negotiate a fee that is acceptable to you and the act.

Dealing With Any Problems Before Your Event or Party

Fourth, a reputable Entertainment Agency will deal with the act and your Venue and deal with their individual requirements. A Contract will have been issued to the you and the act that meets Government regulations and protects the interests of each party.

Should you be in the unfortunate position that your act is unable to perform due to illness or other circumstances, a reputable agency will search for a replacement act at a similar fee.

Finally, if you need to cancel a booking the agency will negotiate a settlement between you and the act.

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