How an Entertainment Agency Will Save You Time and Money

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 20.01.2015

How an Entertainment Agency Will Save You Time and Money

How an Entertainment Agency will save you time and money is difficult to understand for most people. An experienced Agent has a contacts book filled with a wide variety of entertainers at different price points to provide you with options to save you money.

Judging from the questions I get asked on a daily basis people know very little about how entertainment agencies work. For example today I was asked “Will I have to ring the entertainer myself to make arrangements?” So it’s not surprising that they assume entertainers will cost more through an Agent.

How an Entertainment Agency Will Save You Time and Money

Just one example of how an Entertainment Agency will save you time and money, they will speak to entertainers for you, check availability, provide choices, negotiate fees, make arrangements and issue contracts. In addition they will deal with venue requirements, entertainer requirements and any questions you may have along the way, leaving you free to enjoy the entertainment.

Saving Money

A second example of how an Entertainment Agency will save you time and money due to the number of acts they deal with, long standing working relationships with entertainers and often have considerable buying power in view of the regular work they supply to entertainers.


Another area where an Entertainment Agency can provide considerable help is with choosing, dealing with and the going rates for good quality experienced entertainers.

Everyone knows about entertainers don’t they? Frequently not. For example today I was asked: “Can the Comedian do an hour, have a break and do another hour later in the evening?” Whilst this may sound reasonable enough to someone that hasn’t booked a Comedian before, an experienced Agent would see the problem immediately. Typically, Comedians perform anything from 10-20 minutes (Comedy Clubs) or 30 to 45 minutes (parties and Corporate Events).

There are many more examples of entertainers working practices that can be confusing to people outside the entertainment industry, which an Entertainment Agency will help to explain and save you time.

Singers, Bands, Discos, Comedians

For singers the task of being noticed amongst literally thousands of other singers is daunting and Entertainment Agencies are frequently the main source of work, so it makes sense that an established Entertainment Agency will have a large number of singers for you to choose from. An Agency can therefore match singers to clients requirements and budgets. This pattern is repeated with Bands, Comedians, Magicians, Discos and pretty much all types of entertainers.

Entertainers may have their own tales to tell about bad experiences at the hands of unscrupulous Agents. One of the best ways that both clients and entertainers can have peace of mind when dealing with an Entertainment Agency is to only deal with Entertainment Agents that are members of the Agents’ Association (Great Britain). Members agree to a strict code of conduct and professional ethics, which helps to make the experience of hiring talent transparent, fair and in accordance with all current legislation.

So in future Blog posts I will shine a light into the Entertainment Industry, answer your questions, offer some insights and provide some practical advice to help you choose the right entertainers for your party or event.

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