How to Avoid Choosing The Wrong Tribute Acts

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 10.06.2014

Avoid Choosing The Wrong Tribute Acts

Tribute bands or tribute acts are available for almost every famous established band or solo act in the world. When searching for a tribute band or a tribute act you will want to know how to avoid choosing the wrong tribute acts and then start searching for the tribute act that matches your budget.

How to Avoid Choosing The Wrong Tribute Acts

If you use the internet you will likely obtain several options for the same tribute act. For example if you’re looking for a Robbie Williams tribute act a search will provide several options. But how do you decide which one is best? Websites may provide videos often of poor quality but for example you may be able to see that they dance like Michael Jackson and their audio demos may sound like Michael Jackson, but what is their performance really like when they perform live? You will want to avoid choosing the wrong tribute acts.

To find out what they are like during a live performance there are two options. You may be able to go and see them performing live or you could get the inside track from a reputable entertainment agency. You may want to see more than one tribute act performing to make your mind up, which will involve a fair amount of travelling, with the ever present possibility that in the meantime one or more of the acts may receive an alternative booking whilst you are in the process of deciding. It’s an agent’s job to know how different acts perform and to obtain feedback from clients after they have seen them perform. An agent will normally have several tributes to offer for each different type of tribute act.

The Difference Between Tribute Acts and Lookalikes

There is some public confusion between Tribute Acts and Lookalikes which is understandable since both deal with impersonating original stars and celebrities. Lookalikes look like celebrities, Tribute acts sing and perform like famous pop stars and bands and look as close to the original acts as possible. Of course if they also look like the original stars that’s a bonus. Those that don’t look like the pop star or band members facially, often use wigs, make-up and clothing to get as close as they can to the look and style of the pop stars they are impersonating.

Different Types of Tribute Acts

Beatles Tribute Act

Tribute acts can be broadly divided into three different types. Solo Tribute acts (eg: Robbie Williams, Freddie Mercury), Band Tribute acts (eg: Abba, The Beatles) and Show Tributes Acts (Glee, Grease). Solo Tribute Acts or Tribute bands are appropriate for weddings and private parties or corporate events, Tribute shows are more suitable for corporate events.

How to Book Tribute Acts

Once you have decided which Tribute Act you want to book, you will need to make a booking. If you’re making a booking with a reputable Entertainment Agency a Contract will be provided for your protection, as will the provision of a similar replacement act if illness or other unforeseen problems occur with the act you have booked.

Venues and Tribute acts both have certain requirements for performances. Venues often require the act to provide a Public Liability Certificate and a PAT Electrical Safety Certificate. The act will require a certain size area for their performance, may have some technical requirements and will require changing facilities and possibly a hot meal and refreshments, particularly if they have to travel a fair distance. You may choose to deal with these requirements yourself or let a reputable Entertainment Agency deal with them for you.

All that remains is to receive your Tribute Act performance at the agreed time and enjoy their performance.

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