How to Hire a Celebrity

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 29.01.2015

Everybody it seems is interested in celebrities or how to hire a celebrity and multi-billion pound industries around the world have a vested interest in keeping it that way.

Celebrities are in our faces from the moment we wake up to the minute we go to bed on TV, Radio, on our computer screens and in the press, so it’s hardly surprising that people are interested in them. Everybody would like to live the lifestyle of a celebrity or become personally associated with their favourite celebrity in some way.

Over the years the public have become accustomed to seeing celebrities at events, at launch events for local businesses or perhaps appearing at a local venue, even bumping into celebrities on holiday or at the airport. So it comes as no surprise that they would like to have a more personal experience with a celebrity even if it’s just for a short while. But how to hire a Celebrity and how much will it cost?

How to Hire a Celebrity

When you’re choosing a celebrity, you should take care to choose an appropriate celebrity with the right skills for your event, step one in how to hire a celebrity. For example you might be interested in booking an actor from one of the UK soaps. However, if your event is to present Awards, unless the actor has had previous presenting experience they may not be suitable. On the other hand if you want a Soap Actor to attend a business launch event to gain some publicity they would be perfect.

I recently had an enquiry for a famous singer from a couple who were having dinner together and they wanted the singer to join them for their intimate dinner. The enquiry made perfect sense to the couple, but a singer well…sings and since the famous singer didn’t know the couple it might have been a little awkward so the couple needed a little advice on how to hire a celebrity.

A little research about the Celebrity will often give you an idea about their individual skills and how to hire a celebrity or they may simply be known as for example a TV Presenter. An engagement that involves presenting Awards or presenting a Keynote speech for a company may well be a good fit in this case.

After Dinner Speakers are available for almost every different type of after dinner speaking engagement, again some research in the planning stages will focus your attention on the type of After Dinner Speaker you will need. When approaching an agent for relevant speakers you will then be in a position to say what the subject of the after dinner speech should be. For example it might be sport, motivational for company staff, inspiring for young people and so on. If the purpose is to lift the mood at a conference it might be appropriate to specify a comedian that is familiar with corporate audiences.

In short a little time considering both what you want a celebrity to do for you and if there is a subject involved with the event, what particular knowledge or skill your celebrity should have will make your search that much easier.

Steps to Booking a Celebrity

Most people will start by typing their favorite celebrities name into Google to see what results they get, but generally apart from biographies, photos and newspaper or magazine stories, there is precious little in the way of detail on how to book a celebrity, much less their personal contact details or how much they cost.

It might be possible to contact a celebrity directly or through their family or friends if you’re lucky enough to know them, or you may know someone who has booked the celebrity previously and they may be able to help you. More often these routes yield little in terms of real progress in making a booking.

Almost all celebrities have a manager or agent, who they appoint to manage their career, including TV, radio and press interviews, look after their diary, and negotiate professional engagements and personal appearances. Often managers will appoint a particular live booking agent whose job it is to negotiate and arrange all live appearances for the celebrity. Further agents may also be involved in negotiating bookings and dealing with the celebrities’ manager or live booking agent.

Due to close working relationships between a celebrities manager and various agents which are often built up over many years, it’s very difficult for individuals to find relevant contact information or deal direct with the people handling the day to day affairs for celebrities. When you do find an agent that is involved with booking celebrities its best to provide them with the information they need to check availability and provide a quotation.

When it’s been established that your celebrity is available and happy to make a personal appearance for you and you have received a quotation it will be your decision whether to make a booking. Once you have decided and providing you wish to make a booking, the agent will issue contracts and will often expect payment in full before the event.

Budget for a Celebrity

When you enquirer about a celebrity it’s important to set a budget limit. Often you won’t know what celebrities charge so it may be difficult to specify a budget. In that case it may help you decide by thinking about the maximum you can afford and asking the agent for a few alternatives within your maximum budget. This will help the agent concentrate on just those celebrities that may be hired within your budget. If you simply can’t settle on a figure, a short discussion with the agent will normally give you some ideas and help you to decide on a budget.

Notice Required to Hire a Celebrity

Inquiries to hire a celebrity are received daily and if it’s important that you hire a particular celebrity, it makes sense to secure them and make a booking without delay, because it’s not certain they will be available later. Contracts will be issued and payment is often payable in advance. Part and part payment may be possible in some cases, much depends on the celebrities’ manager and the agent will advise you.

Arrangements for Celebrities

Your detailed instructions are normally requested once contracts have been signed and payment received. A brief is normally prepared and given to the celebrity. If a rehearsal is needed that will also be arranged. Any accommodation arrangements are normally made by the celebrities’ manager and will be confirmed via the agent.

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