How To Organise A Birthday Party

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 18.04.2011

If your friend’s birthday is near and you want to give them a surprise you can learn how to organise a birthday party with a little time and a little assistance. Before starting to think over how you are going to entertain guests you need to consider several points. You can always get help from an Entertainment Agency which can assist you with planning but it is better to have an idea of what you want to do for your friend.

How To Organise A Birthday Party

First, you need to decide about which day is most suitable for your party. For example some people who work late might not be able to attend your party on working days. Second, you need to find out how many guests have said they are attending. Third, try to figure out their average age. It is natural that different types of entertainment offered by an Entertainment Agency will appeal to people of different ages. Fourth, you need to think about whether it is an outdoor or indoor party. Some activities require space and some can be realised only indoors. Fifth, try to think about your friend’s likes and dislikes, you need to provide a theme which suits your friend, if your friend is an active person you can think about activities that involve participation of guests.

Entertainment Options

If your friend has a good sense of humour you can consider comedians and if your friend is a fan of a celebrity you can hire a celebrity lookalike to greet your friend. An Entertainment Agency will have profiles of celebrity lookalikes to choose from. If your theme needs a certain dress code, make sure your guests are aware of it.

Probably the most important organisational point is to decide how you want to entertain guests this is where an Entertainment Agent can help show you how to organise a birthday party. If you want a lot of music and dancing, you can think about inviting a band or a singer. This may be a pop covers band or a tribute band.

Tribute bands perform repertoires of the world’s popular bands and singers. Your agency may offer you a choice of tribute artists who are able to perform as several different famous artists in one show. If you want to have live music at your friend’s birthday you can hire singers and musicians who perform live or part live and part with backing tracks. You can surprise your friend by arranging a celebrity lookalike who can meet them and guests.

If your party is going to be outside, you can choose from a wide range of outdoor activities and invite fire performers, stilt walkers or human statues. Their performances may need more space than you have indoors though it might be possible to arrange for shows indoors as well. If you have any ideas and don’t know how to implement them, you can contact entertainment specialists who might advise you or offer an alternative interesting option.

When everything seems to be ready double check everything to avoid last minute problems: your guest list, weather forecast, menu and other things. Of course, your agency can help you with this so you don’t have to worry about anything. Your part of the work is done, so you can relax and enjoy the entertainment with the invited guests.

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