Live Bands For Hire Improve Your Event

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 21.06.2011

People who have experience in organizing celebrations know that the right music is an irreplaceable element of both formal and informal events and live bands for hire improve your event. If you are going to have a party, you certainly have a lot to think about but the kind of music to choose shouldn’t be the last on your priority list. Since you have plenty of arrangements on your agenda, hiring a DJ or a band can easily slip your mind. The good news is there are entertainment agencies often recommended as a proper source of help when getting ready for special events. They normally offer a wide range of live bands for hire as part of their services. In fact, hiring live bands is really popular these days as there’s hardly any type of background music that can be compared to live performances.

Live Bands for Hire Improve Your Event

A reputable entertainment agency can take the hassle out of the whole event preparation process offering everything from dancers and live bands for hire to magicians and circus performers. All you need to do is contact the agency and discuss your requirements with entertainment specialists ready to help you choose the right performers. A large selection of performers makes entertainment agencies a great option for people organizing social gatherings of any kind including engagements, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, conferences, etc.

Types of Bands You Can Hire

The range of live bands varies from agency to agency, so make sure you pick the most suitable one. A quality entertainment agency normally offers the following types of bands:

• Ceilidh bands playing Scottish, Irish ceilidh music or an international mix of music. They often play two sets of music, forty-five minutes each. During the break ceilidh bands play recorded music to entertain the audience.

• Irish bands specializing in a particular genre of Irish music including traditional, contemporary Irish music, Irish rock and country music. Pay attention to the type of music they play and make a booking once you are sure you like what you hear.

• Jazz bands offering both background music and music for dancing. Jazz bands play two sets of live music and recorded music during the break but you can also hire mobile discos to entertain your guests between the two sets.

• Rock bands playing everything from hard and soft rock to rock and roll and indie rock.

• Soul bands specializing in such genres as Classic Soul, Motown, Old School, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Blues and others.

• String bands playing Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop music, etc. When hiring certain string quartets, you can tailor a particular programmer to your preferences.

• Steel bands offering a large variety of music including Salsa, Bossa Nova, Calypso, Reggae, Swing, Jazz and Blues.

Choosing The Right Band

Live bands for hire play different music, so make sure the band you choose is ideal for your social event. But that is not the only thing to consider. Take into account their cost, the size of the performance area required, arrival and setting-up times, performance duration and other factors. Experienced entertainment agencies can guide you through the whole performance organization process.

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