Mobile Disco – How to Avoid Wasting Money

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 02.08.2014

Hiring a Mobile Disco - How to Avoid Wasting Money

It’s simple enough to hire a mobile disco. It should be straight-forward, however there is a huge range of DJ’s in different areas of the country, charging different fees and with different abilities, service standards and equipment all working in a largely unregulated area of entertainment. With this article we hope to give you some practical advice about what to look out for, what questions you should ask when hiring a mobile disco how to avoid wasting money by hiring the right Mobile Disco for your party or event.

Mobile Disco How to Avoid Wasting Money

A good place to start looking for a mobile disco is a recommendation from family, friends or work colleagues who have booked a particular DJ previously. If they don’t provide a recommendation and you’re starting from scratch a search on Google will provide thousands of options, which in itself can be daunting.

If you search locally for example Mobile Disco and compile a short list of DJ’s that appear to be reasonably professional the next step is to do some research on them. Do they have a website, are customer reviews included, do they provide details of the service they will provide and so on. Follow this up with a phone call to talk about your party or event and what they can provide.

DJ’s Experience

There is no substitute for experience and over time a rooky DJ will work at a variety of functions, venues and audiences from which they will gain valuable experience of a diverse range of events and music, audience types and age groups. In addition they will meet other DJ’s, exchange ideas and develop their individual presentation style. DJ’s who continue on the party scene will provide a wide variety of music covering the last five decades and beyond. Developing an energetic, life and soul of the party personality is key for a party DJ.

Customer Service

Do they answer the phone on your first attempt or does it just go to voice-mail? Do they answer your e mail enquiry? Are they pleasant and helpful?
First impressions count and you can tell a lot about a business by the way they answer enquiries. Do they listen to your requirements, are they pleasant and flexible or are they eager to talk a lot and push their standard service? If they listen, make constructive suggestions and answer your questions you might be on to a winner. Ask if they’re available and their quote and put a tick by their name for a possible booking.

Sound & Lighting Equipment

Ask for either a photo of the DJ equipment or a description of what they will provide. An experienced DJ will ask what type of party or event you’re holding, how many people are attending, together with the capacity of the venue. The larger the number of people and venue the more equipment will be needed and vice versa, in order that the sound equipment is adequate for the room without producing music that sounds distorted or poor quality. Similarly, the lighting needs to provide a visual display that is adequate for the size of room.

Your DJ should have sufficient experience to match his equipment to the room you have hired and provide the details if you want them. Expect to pay extra for additional equipment in cases where the room is larger than average.

Music Choice and Catalogue

One way of identifying an experienced DJ is to discuss what music genres and decades are available. You should ask how they will accommodate your taste and choice of music and that of your guests and whether they will accept a list of preferred music before the event in addition to requests on the night.

An experienced DJ will have an extensive music collection, typically held on a laptop music programme that covers most genres and decades. Any special requests can normally be accommodated.

Public Liability Insurance and PAT Electrical Safety Documents

Venues require these documents and your DJ should hold them for inspection on request. The level of insurance required by venues is routinely £5m and the PAT electrical safety check is carried out on all the DJ’s electrical equipment by a suitably qualified electrician using test equipment. When the test is completed the tester will provide a PAT test document showing the results of tests and if any equipment fails will carry out repairs to ensure all equipment is safe. These documents are renewable annually.

Choosing Your DJ

Established DJ’s often have deputy DJ’s to cover for when bookings are plentiful. You should ask the main DJ if he will accept a personal booking from you as the quality of deputy DJ’s may be difficult to assess and the main DJ better known in your community having attended previous parties and events.

Confirmation of booking

You are entitled to a written confirmation of your booking within seven days detailing the venue address, timings and fee agreed. You should expect to agree terms and pay a deposit to secure a booking. The confirmation should also include the DJ’s address and contact details together with their cancellation policy.

After-Sales Service

Following confirmation you may want further service for communicating your music requirements and to answer any questions you may have. This is an important part of the service and can lead to frustration if your needs aren’t dealt with efficiently prior to your event. This is something you should consider when deciding which mobile disco to book.

Booking a DJ with a reputable Entertainment Agency

An Entertainment Agency may offer a better solution to booking a mobile disco and will take the hassle out of the job of finding the right mobile disco for your party or event. If you’re working to a budget don’t be afraid to tell the agent who will have a variety of DJ’s that charge different fees and will be able to arrange one that fits your budget. Part of the service will be efficient and timely handling of calls, e mails, confirmation and requests for information together with after sales service. A contract to protect your interests comes as standard. Provision of public liability insurance and a PAT certificate is also dealt with together with a replacement DJ service in case of any problems with the DJ you have chosen.

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