Top Themes for Kids Parties

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 27.05.2014

They say children speak their mind, so organising the right kid’s party can be the most fun ever and somewhat stressful simultaneously. There are so many party themes you can choose from and here at Costello Entertainment we have top themes for kids parties and a fantastic roster of children’s entertainers that will be perfect for whatever style of party you throw.

Top Themes for Kids Parties


Top Themes for Kids Parties

We can provide your party with a fantastic circus workshop to teach your little guests the finest circus acts, from juggling with balls and hoops, using the Diablo, Poi sticks and even mini stilts! All the equipment is provided by us as well! For a true circus theme you’ll want to dress up as a clown and put up the coolest decorations you can find, or better yet, make them yourself. Red and white striped fabric and bunting gives an instant circus feel to any party, and you can incorporate some simple carnival-styled games as well. Some ideas for games could include can toss or even a home made hook-a-duck. Oh, and don’t forget the candy floss!


Skull and Crossed Swords

Hoist the sails, raise the anchor and scrub the deck! A pirate themed party is a must for all ages and always a perfect excuse to dress up! We offer balloon modelling for all the inflatable sword fights before the games begin. Why not stick toy pirate hooks to a board and create your own hook game. Make sweet treats such as pirate jelly boats out of orange quarters and a sea-blue jelly, or cannon ball cheese puffs! Don’t forget the stripy t-shirts and all-important eye patches!

Prince and Princess

Princes and Princesses Ball

For your little princes and princesses a magic show would be perfect for this party, whether you choose a sorcerer or children’s magician your tiny guests will be left amazed. Decorate your party place with magic castle inspired bows and ribbons, balloons and flags as well as serving magical food. Whether you serve pink coloured popcorn or crown shaped sandwiches you mustn’t forget the fairy cakes!

Hopefully now you are inspired to throw the most memorable party for your little ones with one of these top themes for kids parties. Costello Entertainments have the finest children’s entertainers as well as many other entertainment options, such as tribute acts and celebrities to hire for your events.

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