Wedding Singers for Hire

We provide wedding singers for hire for your ceremony, wedding breakfast or wedding reception.

There are different types of wedding singers for hire to cover different types of music and for different parts of your day. For example you might decide to hire a wedding singer for the ceremony singing your favourite opera songs, or another genre of music.

Wedding Singer

Couples often choose an opera singer for the ceremony, a rat pack singer or opera singer for the wedding breakfast and a wedding singer for the reception, to cover a wide range of songs suitable for a wide range of guests.

In the interests of offering good value we can provide wedding singers for hire that can sing different genres of music for example rat pack, pop and pop rock to cover a part or more than one part of your wedding day.

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Mobile Disco

If required a Mobile Disco is available at reasonable cost to ensure that the audience are kept entertained and dancing during the singer’s breaks

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