Guide to Choosing Bands for Hire

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 12.06.2014

Guide to Choosing Bands for Hire

There are as many different types of bands for hire as types of music in the world, wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy guide to choosing Bands for hire?

Guide to Choosing Bands for Hire

When you set out to find a band the first consideration should be the type of music you require and using this guide to choosing bands for hire I aim to help you. In addition to your personal music preferences you will need to give some thought to the people that will be attending your party or event, particularly if it is a wedding or other event with mixed age groups. Since there will be a broad age range of people attending a wedding, a band that reflects that in their repertoire would be the most suitable.

For other types of events the choice of bands for hire may be a little easier if the people attending the event are from a broadly similar age group or if it has been agreed that the event should follow a particular theme eg: 60’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s or 00’s themes.

For some events the choice of bands for hire can be more straightforward, for example a Summer Garden party may immediately suggest either a jazz band or a Caribbean steel band, a St. Patrick’s Night an Irish Band, or a Burns Supper a Scottish Ceilidh Band.

Whatever the event it’s crucially important that you do your homework and possibly use this guide to choosing bands for hire and try to find out what music your guests enjoy most and do your best to find a band that covers the majority of music tastes. For this reason bands hired for weddings, tend to be those that can play songs from several decades, unless the guests are from the same age group and know each other well enough that a more specialized band may be hired for example a Rock band or Soul band if that’s what floats everybody’s boat.

Arrangements for Bands Performances

Magic Steel Band

So this guide to choosing bands for hire has helped a little and you have chosen a band and agreed their fee, what next? Well you can make all the arrangements yourself or you can ask an entertainment agent to make the arrangements for you. You may have chosen your band with the help of an agent in which case you can relax and let him/her make all the necessary arrangements with both the band and the venue.

If you haven’t tackled this sort of thing before it can be a little overwhelming, with band leaders and venues that have certain requirements and sometimes they use technical sounding language.

An entertainment agent can explain everything to you straight forwardly, issue a contract to you and the band for your protection and deal with any technical requirements they and the venue may have.

Bands and Venues – Requirements & Sound Limiters


Bands requirements vary. Practical requirements are typically performance area available at the venue, changing facilities, parking spaces, electrical power matters and power socket availability. Nowadays Venues will require the band to provide a Public Liability Insurance Certificate and PAT Test Results covering equipment electrical safety. If this is beginning to sound a bit more than you want to take on you may either continue reading this guide to choosing bands for hire or give us a call.

A thorny issue may be a sound limiting device installed at venues that are located in residential areas. These are imposed by local authorities when complaints are made by local residents about noise from a venue particularly at night. The local authority will insist that a venue installs a sound limiter to control the level of sound made by bands and other entertainers. The local authority will also set the decibel level that the venue must use for setting the sound limiter to stop noise disturbing local residents.

They pose a particular problem for bands and disco’s because they are usually set to temporarily cut-off electrical power supply at very low noise levels that are often impractical for bands and discos and can damage equipment. Ambient noise from guests such as applause, talking, dancing and singing is all detected by noise limiters and reduces even further the noise that bands and discos are allowed to make. If the sound limiter is tripped mid performance and the music stops dead, it’s annoying for all concerned and disrupts the party.

Band members like to have monitor speakers turned-up so that they can hear their performances clearly, which increases the noise level. The drummer and bass player are the main band members that activate sound limiters, so how can they play quieter? A practical solution for the drummer to play quieter is to use electronic drums which can be turned down via the mixing desk. This facilitates other members turning monitors down and amplification to instruments can also be turned down. The D.J. can turn down his music easily, which may mean that the limiter isn’t activated and everyone can enjoy the party.

If the sound limiter still gets activated and cuts off power to equipment even with these measures in place, other solutions may need to be tested such as lower power speakers or reducing the number of players or singers in the band.

Can I Choose the Music the Band Plays?


When you have chosen the right band for your party or event, can you choose the music they play? Normally a band will allow you to select approx. 6 songs from their repertoire to include during their performance, which includes the first dance at a wedding for example. They will provide their Song List to choose from and providing you give them at least a month notice, will usually learn and rehearse a new song if it isn’t in their repertoire already.

It wouldn’t normally be possible for you to specify all the songs a band will play because they will need to arrange the best playing order for songs and include particular audience favourites to maximise enjoyment of their performance.

Arranging Times for Bands Arrival & Performance

You will need to arrange for the band to arrive and play subject to any meal arrangements and guest arrival times and you can do this yourself or leave it to an agent. If the same room is used for your meal and the band’s performance, a suitable time slot will need to be agreed for the band to arrive and set-up their equipment. If a separate room is hired for entertainment this offers more flexibility for the band to arrive and set-up, without interrupting meal arrangements or guest arrivals.

Separate Disco Hire or Does the Band Provide a Disco?

Sometimes a band will provide a separate DJ with full Disco equipment, lighting and a full range of music to work alongside them. Often when a band advertises a Disco service they may simply provide an i pod or laptop and leave it playing in between their performances. You should ask your band or agent precisely which option your band is providing. A separate DJ will be able to play your preferred music, take requests from your guests and motivate your guests to dance. For some parties an I pod or laptop left playing between band performances may be more appropriate.

I hope this guide to choosing bands for hire has been useful.

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Bands For Hire Anything From Soul To Jazz

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 15.07.2011

There’s nothing like a live band to liven things up from birthday parties and weddings to corporate events. Whatever your personal choice, there are bands for hire anything from Soul To Jazz capable of playing the music that you require to high professional standards. There are so many bands around, offering live music at very different prices. And sometimes booking the right one can be a very daunting task. But if you refer to a music agency online, you’re likely to be provided with a wide choice of live bands for every occasion.

Bands For Hire Anything From Soul To Jazz

Acoustic Bands

Acoustic bands deliver intimate and evocative music straight from their souls and strings. Acoustic rock bands blend rock with folk, Americana and other styles to create something entirely new. Acoustic bands also have the advantage of requiring significantly less gear than their electric counterparts. Whether you are looking for a band for your wedding or backyard barbeque, acoustic bands can be a perfect fit for your event.

Pop Rock Bands

No matter if you like southern or classic rock, now you’re able to find rock bands that play it all. Timeless songs originally recorded by legends like The Eagles and The Beatles to those from today’s biggest hits can be recreated by professional performers for your party or event. Whether you’re looking for bands that cover original rock music played by Elvis in the 1950’s or groups that offer an assortment of songs from various artists and time periods, you can find one of the perfect live bands for your event.

Soul Bands

Soul music originated in the Mississippi Delta, U.S., around the time of the Civil War. Muddy Waters and B.B King are considered to be its early pioneers. In later years, rock bands like The Rolling Stones and guitarists like Eric Clapton were heavily influenced by the early soul musicians and incorporated a lot of soul elements into their music. There are many different styles of soul music often based on the place of origin. Bands for hire anything from Soul to Jazz can be hired for any occasion including weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Jazz Bands

Today there are many types of live bands for hire anything from Soul To Jazz that you can choose to perform at your special event or wedding reception. There are small jazz combos which play light dinner jazz and big jazz ensembles which can get everyone dancing after dinner. Latin jazz music has become quite popular as well and many jazz bands have Latin jazz in their repertoires. Jazz bands normally play two sets of live music each lasting forty five minutes with a break in between and afterwards, during which they commonly play recorded music through their PA systems.

Swing Bands

Swing band music is the style of jazz originated in the mid 1940’s. In the 1990’s there was a renewed interest in swing bands fuelled by a resurgence of interest in swing dance. Swing bands can vary in size anywhere from 7 or 8 to as many as 35 musicians. They’re hired to play at many types of events including weddings, dances, concerts, conventions, parties and corporate events.
Hiring the right band can be challenging, but an online music agency can make it fun and easy. They have many years of experience and can assist you in making the right choice and guide you through the organization and scheduling of the performance.

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Live Bands For Hire Improve Your Event

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 21.06.2011

People who have experience in organizing celebrations know that the right music is an irreplaceable element of both formal and informal events and live bands for hire improve your event. If you are going to have a party, you certainly have a lot to think about but the kind of music to choose shouldn’t be the last on your priority list. Since you have plenty of arrangements on your agenda, hiring a DJ or a band can easily slip your mind. The good news is there are entertainment agencies often recommended as a proper source of help when getting ready for special events. They normally offer a wide range of live bands for hire as part of their services. In fact, hiring live bands is really popular these days as there’s hardly any type of background music that can be compared to live performances.

Live Bands for Hire Improve Your Event

A reputable entertainment agency can take the hassle out of the whole event preparation process offering everything from dancers and live bands for hire to magicians and circus performers. All you need to do is contact the agency and discuss your requirements with entertainment specialists ready to help you choose the right performers. A large selection of performers makes entertainment agencies a great option for people organizing social gatherings of any kind including engagements, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, conferences, etc.

Types of Bands You Can Hire

The range of live bands varies from agency to agency, so make sure you pick the most suitable one. A quality entertainment agency normally offers the following types of bands:

• Ceilidh bands playing Scottish, Irish ceilidh music or an international mix of music. They often play two sets of music, forty-five minutes each. During the break ceilidh bands play recorded music to entertain the audience.

• Irish bands specializing in a particular genre of Irish music including traditional, contemporary Irish music, Irish rock and country music. Pay attention to the type of music they play and make a booking once you are sure you like what you hear.

• Jazz bands offering both background music and music for dancing. Jazz bands play two sets of live music and recorded music during the break but you can also hire mobile discos to entertain your guests between the two sets.

• Rock bands playing everything from hard and soft rock to rock and roll and indie rock.

• Soul bands specializing in such genres as Classic Soul, Motown, Old School, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Blues and others.

• String bands playing Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop music, etc. When hiring certain string quartets, you can tailor a particular programmer to your preferences.

• Steel bands offering a large variety of music including Salsa, Bossa Nova, Calypso, Reggae, Swing, Jazz and Blues.

Choosing The Right Band

Live bands for hire play different music, so make sure the band you choose is ideal for your social event. But that is not the only thing to consider. Take into account their cost, the size of the performance area required, arrival and setting-up times, performance duration and other factors. Experienced entertainment agencies can guide you through the whole performance organization process.

Bands For Hire Can Make Any Event A Success

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 07.02.2011

Music is one of the best ways of bringing people together and if someone is having a social gathering or party, the right choice of music can make or break an evening and the right bands for hire can make any event a success. There is definitely a place for DJs and playing pre-recorded music, but people will agree that there is nothing like a live band to get a celebration started. This means that bands for hire remain very popular and in fact, the demand for the most popular ones can see them being booked up months in advance.

Bands For Hire Can Make Any Event A Success

If a person wants the coming event to be enjoyable, providing the right style of musical accompaniment can make all the difference. Knowing the music preferences of the people who will attend an event can help in finding the right band for the evening.

Live bands come in different types. While some are function bands specialising in playing at weddings and other private parties, some play music according to the genre required and more play music according to the decade of music required like those that play fifties or sixties music. There are live bands that perform as tribute bands too, these are bands which play music of legendary rock or pop icons. When arranging live bands it’s necessary to pick the correct type of band so that guests get the best from them.

Themed Events

Live bands are perfect for themed parties and the right bands for hire can make any event a success. In the case of a beach party a live band playing Reggae music will match perfectly with a Saturday evening full of sea breeze and over flowing with Jamaican rum. There are other themed parties like an Arabian Themed party or a Mardi Gras themed party where a good live band can create the necessary mood.

A professional live band can work miracles to captivate your guests at the celebration, they communicate with the guests through music. They play the requests made by the guests every now and then and thus make the people realise that they are a part of the evening. As a result the guests start living the event and that makes the party hugely successful.

While hiring a band, there are some aspects to be noted and bands for hire can make any event a success. If one is hiring a band from a website you should to check their credibility first. In any event checking their agency websites for client reviews, song demo’s or videos will give one peace of mind. Moreover, such actions will help a client assess whether a band is suitable so that they then hire one that suits them best.

When people have finalised their choice of bands it is wise to call the agency to brief them with what you want and include your favourite songs. When all is set the party host can be sure to have the music he or she wants.

It doesn’t matter what style of music one needs at the event, there will be a band available to bring exactly what is needed to set the tone for the evening. Professional bands will do their best to make a smooth and enjoyable evening that the guests may remember for a long time to come.

Bands For Hire Can Make Your Night A Success

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 11.10.2010

Music is one of the best ways of bringing people together and if you are having a social gathering or party, the right choice of music can make or break an evening. There is definitely a place for DJs and playing pre-recorded music, but most people will agree that there is nothing like a live band to get a party started and bands for hire can make your night a success. This means that bands for hire remain very popular and in fact, the demand for the most popular ones can see them being booked up months in advance. If you want your event to go with a swing, providing the right style of musical accompaniment can make all the difference.

Bands For Hire Can Make Your Night A Success

Knowing what sort of people will be coming to your event can help you find the right band for the evening. There are many bands for hire, which means that finding a band that will play the music your audience wants has never been easier. If you have a mixed crowd, it’s best to stick with a band that will play the popular tunes of the past few decades. This will ensure that everyone at your event will be able to hear some songs that they recognise and enjoy.

If you have a crowd that is easily definable, bands can be found that will play a specific musical genre and bands for hire can make your night a success. Many works or charity nights are planning events that are based on an old-fashioned theme and hiring a jazz band, swing band or even a big band can set the mood perfectly. Having the music match the theme of the evening can make a massive difference to how people perceive the night and an old fashioned theme being sound tracked by a modern musical sound will leave many people confused. Knowing the sound that will work best for your evening is crucial before you decide on what style of band to hire.

Types of Bands

Of course, if you are looking for something a bit more contemporary, it’s still possible to find bands that will meet your criteria. Rock music never goes out of fashion and you can find that an experienced and longer established band will have your crowd nodding their head and maybe even punching the air. You may want to ensure that your venue will allow the band to turn up the volume because many of the rock bands that can be hired know how to play loud!

However, rock may not be your thing and you may want your evening to pass off in a more classical style, so a string quartet may be more suitable. It’s even possible to find bands for hire that will play classical music, ushering your guests into the venue in a stylish fashion or perhaps providing tasteful music as background accompaniment to a dinner. It doesn’t matter what style of music you need at your event, there will be a band available to bring exactly what you need to set the tone for the event.

Choosing a Band for Your Event

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 31.08.2010

Choosing the location, food, theme and choosing a band for your event can all be tricky, so it is generally a good idea to delegate smaller tasks to others and keep things as simple as possible for yourself during the planning process. For example, organizing party favours and writing up place settings could probably be done by someone else without your supervision, leaving you free to look through bands for hire for the main entertainment.

Choosing a Band for Your Event

Live music always goes down well at big events, as people are much more likely to dance to a band than a DJ. There are hundreds of bands for hire to choose from, in a wide range of styles to suit all types of occasion. You may prefer to have a solo artist such as a harpist for a wedding ceremony, perhaps with a small band to play at the main party or reception.

Choice of Entertainment – Getting it Right

For those who are fans of a particular artist or group, it could be fun to book a tribute act, this can form part of a great birthday surprise party! For larger gatherings a bigger band may be suitable, such as an orchestra or a swing style ‘big band’. The size and style of band that you choose will greatly depend on the occasion that you are organizing. A parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary would be a great opportunity to dance the night away to a swing band, whereas an elegant wedding ceremony is not complete without a harpist or string quartet.

choosing a band for your event is easiest when you search through an Entertainment Agency, who should have a range of bands for hire for you to choose from. If you are not sure which style and size of band would be appropriate, it is always worth calling a reputable Agency and asking for some advice. They will be happy to help and will be able to suggest some ideas and bands which they think would work well. They may even be able to tell you what previous clients have chosen and will be able to advise you on the price of each band.

Bands need not be overly expensive, and the cost is usually determined by the size of the band performing, the size of the audience, and the length of time the band will be performing for. If a band is playing to a relatively small group of around 250 people, then they will not need additional sound and lighting equipment to enable them to be seen and heard by everyone. However, if they are performing to an audience of 1000, they will need extra equipment which will cost more to hire. A good Entertainment Agency will be able to talk you through the process of booking and hiring a band, and will be able to advise you of any additional costs to ensure that you find the right music to accompany your event.

Bands For Every Occasion

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 17.08.2010

Live music gives a great atmosphere to any evening, and often feels more personal than a DJ. There are a wide range of bands for hire in fact there are bands for every occasion in all areas of the country, performing everything from classical to Motown Rock and even Tribute Bands!

Finding the Right Band For Your Event

Finding local bands for hire can be tricky, and a good way to find performers near you is to search through an Entertainment Agency. Searching online is a great way to find either a small local Entertainment Agency, or a larger nationwide one which has performers all over the country. When searching for bands for hire or considering what kind of band you would like, there are some important points to take into consideration.

Firstly, you must think about your venue, and the size of the space which will be available for performers to use. A big band may be great in a large hall, but would not work well for a smaller garden party! Bear in mind that they may also need room for instruments, stands and cases, so it is always worth doing a little research and checking exactly how much room is available, compared to how much room certain sized bands will need. A good Entertainment Agency should be able to talk you through this and advise you if the bands you like will be suitable for the space that you have available.

Bands For Every Occasion

The type of music that you require will also depend greatly on the style of the event you are planning. Swing music may be perfect for your parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary, whereas a large summer garden party may benefit from a steel band to create a party atmosphere! Again, discussing bands with a large Entertainment Agency will give you an idea of what is available and what would work best for your event, remember that there are bands for every occasion and they will help you find the right solution for your needs. The amount of time that each band will perform can vary greatly, so it is also a good idea to check this before you book. Most bands will play for two sets of forty five minutes, with a break in the middle. This is important to research, as you may have to provide music or additional entertainment to fill the gaps, or after they have finished playing. Some bands may play recorded music whilst they take a break, so it’s always important to check this detail before your event, otherwise you may end up with a silent gap during your event!

Bands can be a great way to add a fun and memorable touch to any event that you organise, and it is important to discuss the details with their Booking Agency before you commit to your choice of band. This will also help to settle on a price that you are happy with, which will cover all aspects of the band’s performance, and ensure that you can relax during your event and enjoy the performance with your guests!

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