How to find The Right Comedian

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 16.05.2014

How to Find The Right Comedian

The first step to booking a Comedian for your event is to consider what type of Comedian to Hire. Are all Comedians well, Comedians? That’s true, but you need to know how to find the right comedian, each has different experience and ability and if you hire the wrong Comedian for your event it can result in a less than favourable outcome for all concerned.

How to Find The Right Comedian

How to Find The Right Comedian may seem to be a case of find a comedian and book them. However, without some research this could be a disaster. Different Comedians perform for different lengths of time. A Comedian appearing at a Comedy Club for example will typically perform for anything from 5-20 minutes. By contrast a Comedian performing at a party or Corporate Event will typically perform for 30-45 minutes.

In some cases the Comedian that you’ve seen performing at a Comedy Club might also perform at parties and events, but by no means always. Comedians that perform at Comedy Clubs may prefer that type of regular Comedy Club audience or indeed only have sufficient material for 5-20 minutes, which wouldn’t be long enough for a party or event.

Comedy Material-Hiring the Right Comedian

The next consideration in how to find the right comedian is matching the right type of material to the event. There are many different Comedians to choose from that will suit each of the different types of event out there. For example Comedians for family audiences, Comedians for Corporate Events, Comedians for Stag Parties, Comedians for Hen Parties, Comedians for young audiences, Comedians for more mature audiences and so on.

Clearly Comedian hire is a broad subject and a working knowledge of each Comedian’s material, performance length, preferences and suitability are essential considerations in how to find the right comedian for a particular occasion.

It is important to view Comedians in order that you are familiar with their act to ensure that they are appropriate for your needs. It may be necessary to view several Comedians in order that you get the choice just right. If you’re too busy or you’re not inclined to visit different Comedians at different events, another option is to seek an Agent who knows each of the Comedians individually and can recommend a suitable Comedian to match your event.

This is something that a Comedy Agent can help with and a discussion of your needs will usually help to identify a few suitable Comedians and they can offer solutions on how to find the right comedian. The Agent is also the right person to book Comedians because he will have all the relevant contact details for each Comedian and will issue a Contract to secure the Comedian you choose.

Will the Comedian Use Bad Language or Be Offensive?

This is the question I hear most often when somebody enquires about a Comedian, and though it’s understandable it has no real foundation. If a Comedian wants to have a successful career and get re-booked for events, he or she must be mindful of their audiences. Whilst expletives pepper Comedians’ material at Comedy clubs, it is much less tolerated at corporate events or private parties.

The majority of comedians will never write material that is racist, sexist, offensive to minority groups or blasphemous but with the diversity of individuals present amongst audiences it can present a minefield to the comedy writer when writing material that is funny but doesn’t offend someone. A discussion with the Agent at the time of booking will usually highlight the demographics and tolerance of the audience to different types of comedy material.

This is less likely to be a problem when the Comedian is a famous comedian, because their material will be known to the audience and in many cases the organiser will be actively seeking a particular comedian for their audience group.

Fees–What will the Comedian Charge?

After a discussion about types of Comedians and matching the right Comedian to the audience, an experienced Agent will have a clear idea of those Comedians that will be suitable. However, before offering any Comedians a discussion also needs to take place with the client about their budget. They may have no idea about Comedians Fees but will usually know whether they want to spend a few hundred or in the case of Famous Comedians several thousands of pounds.
Once the budget limits have been discussed the Agent will be in a position to offer suitable Comedians within the client’s budget.

Comedians Requirements

In order that everything runs smoothly at your event the Comedian will need a lockable changing room where he can get changed and leave his personal possessions securely during his performance. He will need a microphone and sound system. Most venues will provide these facilities but it’s better to discuss them with the Agent. If the Venue doesn’t have a sound system the Comedian may be able to provide one.

Arrangements Beforehand

I often receive inquiries for Comedians to appear at Bars & Pubs and whilst it is possible to book a Comedian for these venues, the audience should be seated during the performance. To ensure the best possible performance, arrangements should be made for the performance to take place in a functions room separate from the main bar and the functions room bar should be closed during the performance.

Comedy is only effective when the audience are listening and these simple measures will ensure that obvious distractions are excluded. All that remains is for the organiser to relax and enjoy the performance with the rest of the audience.

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Comedians for Hire

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 28.07.2010

Types of Comedians for Hire

Simple enough, all comedians for hire are well……comedians aren’t they? At first sight all comedians make people laugh, but all use different material and have different experience, which makes them suitable for different types of parties and events.

You’ve decided that you don’t want a blue comedian that will offend Aunty Maude or your boss, but how do you choose the right one?

Types of Event

The best place to start is the type of event you are organizing. If it’s a private party it would be a good idea to look for comedians for hire with experience of mixed audiences that have a wide age range for example in Holiday Resorts, family audiences, social clubs and similar. It would be a bad idea to book a comedian who usually works in Comedy Clubs, because his/her material is unlikely to be suitable for a family audience and his / her normal spot would last approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.

Many comedians for hire won’t entertain audiences containing children because their material may be unsuitable. The best policy is to discuss your requirements with your Agency, describe your audience and ask for their advice. They will usually make it clear for which audiences individual comedians are best suited.

Corporate Events

If you’re organizing a corporate event it is often overlooked that appropriate comedians for hire will need to have experience of entertaining at corporate events. Firstly, what is the age group of the audience – are they young, mixed age groups, or an older audience? Are they single sex or a mixed audience? Does the comedian have experience of working for corporate audiences, or is their experience limited to social clubs, or comedy clubs?

For corporate events, it is important that the comedians for hire are experienced in this area of comedy, have material suitable for the ages and sex of the audience and that they won’t offend an often diverse ethnic mix of people. Often forty five minutes is required for a corporate stand up spot, so it won’t be any use if the comedian normally performs for fifteen minutes in comedy clubs. The comedian is most often required not to use bad language. However, cheeky, rude and inoffensive remarks might be tolerated, so it’s always a good idea to discuss these matters with your agency.

Types of Comedians

Your event may be all male or all female and you should be searching for comedians for hire with relevant experience. Similarly, a blue comedian is sometimes required. This has become a specialized area of comedy and very few comedians are capable of handling this type of audience. An experienced agent will be the best person to advise and provide the right comedians for hire.

Female audiences may require a female comedian and the audience age group, type of event and the comedians’ experience should be considered as above.

If you are searching for a particular comedian for your party or event, the best plan would be to speak to your agent who will be able to advise on the suitability of the comedians for hire for your event, contact the comedian and negotiate a fee.

Finally, you may be searching for a comedian from a particular country or from a particular region of the UK. Your agent will have the contacts and experience to match the right comedian to your event, make recommendations, provide details and negotiate fees.

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