Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Published by Mike Costello on August 9, 2016

You’re organising a corporate entertainment and your thoughts turn to the type of entertainment to hire. Next you use Google to search for Corporate Entertainment Ideas. Finally you find this post and I hope it helps.

i Pad Magicians

i PAD MAGICIAN-CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT IDEASMagicians are innovative performers and some use digital technology with manipulation skills in this new exciting form of magic which is a new addition to our corporate entertainment ideas.

For example the i pad screen shows a chocolate bar, the magician reaches inside the screen and pulls it out. All kinds of objects may be removed for example your company logo, or your company’s product. Consequently this type of magic is suitable for entertainment during dinner, trade fares, office events and conferences.

Multiple i pads are used for stage shows making a wall of i pads. Next the magician walks into the i pad wall and he is inside the i pad screens. Finally, he walks across inside the i pad screens and out the other side! Many other illusions are performed.

Bubble Artistes

BUBBLE ARTISTE-CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT IDEASBubble Artistes create multiple bubble sculptures from nothing more than soap solution and water. They will keep your audience engrossed as they build towers and shapes consisting of individual bubbles. In addition the Bubble Artiste will create more anticipation as he fills alternate bubbles with smoke. Most of all this entertainment is a varied and thrilling option from our corporate entertainment ideas.

A stage in a theatre style space is ideal for this entertainment. Alternatively, a suitable smaller performance area in a wide variety of venues may be used. All specifications for this type of performance are provided by the performer.

Video Mapping

VIDEO MAPPING-AERIAL WALL RUNNINGNew technology is enhancing all types of performances including aerial performances dance and singing. Video mapping is becoming all present in performances. Video mapping can be seen creating interactive moving scenery in many forms of entertainment. Therefore, video mapping performances are very popular corporate entertainment ideas.

Imagine aerial performers running the Great Wall of China, down the Eiffel Tower or a giant version of your companies product. Consequently the only limit to the possibilities is imagination. The performers need temporary wall staging and suitable rigging which they help with.

Dancers become part of the video as they tell a story and interact with the video projection. Similarly, singers move and become part of the video mapping sequences played out on the backdrop. As a result video mapping possibilities are endless and a powerful element in modern performances.

Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Aerial Bar Tenders

FEMALE AERIAL BAR TENDER-CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT IDEASAerial Bar Tenders will delight your guests if you’re looking for something different to include at your event. They will pour champagne for your guests whilst hanging upside-down, interact with them and are attractive. Both male and female Aerial Bar tenders are available. Furthermore, if you require other drinks they will pour these too.

The Artistes supply everything for their performance with a choice of costume themes and colours. They provide a supporting framework which can be set-up in a suitable location for their performance. The Artiste then hangs upside down from the framework whilst topping-up your guests glasses with some nice bubbly. This is amongst the corporate entertainment ideas that are ambient and perfect for setting the scene at events. It’s perfect for corporate events and in addition weddings, garden parties and all other reception events.

The most notable reaction from guests is the smile on their faces as they get their glasses topped-up with bubbly. Interacting with the Artiste is also delightful.

Shadow Performers

SHADOW PERFORMERSShadow performers create stories that stir the emotions by performing in silhouette behind a back-lit screen. Attraction won the Final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2013 when this type of performance first came to public attention. The performers create imaginative stories and subsequently the audience is thoroughly entertained. Other Shadow Theatre Groups have since been formed and they are one of our popular corporate entertainment ideas.

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