Bands For Hire Anything From Soul To Jazz

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 15.07.2011

There’s nothing like a live band to liven things up from birthday parties and weddings to corporate events. Whatever your personal choice, there are bands for hire anything from Soul To Jazz capable of playing the music that you require to high professional standards. There are so many bands around, offering live music at very different prices. And sometimes booking the right one can be a very daunting task. But if you refer to a music agency online, you’re likely to be provided with a wide choice of live bands for every occasion.

Bands For Hire Anything From Soul To Jazz

Acoustic Bands

Acoustic bands deliver intimate and evocative music straight from their souls and strings. Acoustic rock bands blend rock with folk, Americana and other styles to create something entirely new. Acoustic bands also have the advantage of requiring significantly less gear than their electric counterparts. Whether you are looking for a band for your wedding or backyard barbeque, acoustic bands can be a perfect fit for your event.

Pop Rock Bands

No matter if you like southern or classic rock, now you’re able to find rock bands that play it all. Timeless songs originally recorded by legends like The Eagles and The Beatles to those from today’s biggest hits can be recreated by professional performers for your party or event. Whether you’re looking for bands that cover original rock music played by Elvis in the 1950’s or groups that offer an assortment of songs from various artists and time periods, you can find one of the perfect live bands for your event.

Soul Bands

Soul music originated in the Mississippi Delta, U.S., around the time of the Civil War. Muddy Waters and B.B King are considered to be its early pioneers. In later years, rock bands like The Rolling Stones and guitarists like Eric Clapton were heavily influenced by the early soul musicians and incorporated a lot of soul elements into their music. There are many different styles of soul music often based on the place of origin. Bands for hire anything from Soul to Jazz can be hired for any occasion including weddings, corporate events and private parties.

Jazz Bands

Today there are many types of live bands for hire anything from Soul To Jazz that you can choose to perform at your special event or wedding reception. There are small jazz combos which play light dinner jazz and big jazz ensembles which can get everyone dancing after dinner. Latin jazz music has become quite popular as well and many jazz bands have Latin jazz in their repertoires. Jazz bands normally play two sets of live music each lasting forty five minutes with a break in between and afterwards, during which they commonly play recorded music through their PA systems.

Swing Bands

Swing band music is the style of jazz originated in the mid 1940’s. In the 1990’s there was a renewed interest in swing bands fuelled by a resurgence of interest in swing dance. Swing bands can vary in size anywhere from 7 or 8 to as many as 35 musicians. They’re hired to play at many types of events including weddings, dances, concerts, conventions, parties and corporate events.
Hiring the right band can be challenging, but an online music agency can make it fun and easy. They have many years of experience and can assist you in making the right choice and guide you through the organization and scheduling of the performance.

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