Magicians for Hire-Types of Magicians

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 22.05.2014

Magicians for Hire-Types of Magicians

There are a wide variety of Magicians for hire-types of magicians include both male and female, some are young some are older and more experienced, all present magic in many different ways for many different types of audiences.

Some magicians specialise in certain areas of magic for example Close-up Magic for a Wedding Magician, others prefer to be flexible to meet the demands for a variety of different performances. So how do you choose a magician that will be right for your event?

Close Up Magicians for Hire

By far the most flexible form of magic is close-up magic. It can be performed in front of individuals or seated or standing groups of people wherever they may be. The beauty and impact of this type of magic comes from the fact that it is performed close up right in front of the audience, leaving no room for anything but pure skill and of course magic.

Everyday objects are used such as coins, pens, paper money and are available for inspection by individuals. No special arrangements are needed for the magician who will normally carry his or her props in their pockets.

Close up magic is often performed at weddings, or at dinners but is flexible enough to be performed wherever there are people needing to be entertained. The normal performance time is 2 hours, but again this is flexible and can be arranged as required.

Weddings Magicians

Wedding close up magicians for hire are available for different times during a wedding for example during photographs to entertain guests that are waiting or have finished having photographs taken. Alternatively, a close up magician is perfect for a drinks reception, during the wedding breakfast or at the start of the evening reception to break the ice.

These times can be combined and the magician used to good effect to keep everybody entertained during the day, lifting the mood and keeping the day flowing.

Magician for Corporate Events

An experienced close up magician is the perfect ice-breaker for corporate events and is adaptable to all the different kinds of events including corporate parties, dinners, trade shows, exhibitions, entertaining clients and more. The common thread through all of these events is bringing people together in a fun and entertaining way either for pure entertainment reasons, or for increasing contacts and business for the company.

At trade shows and exhibitions close up magicians for hire will not only entertain but leave the visitor with a clear memory of the experience and with promotional goodies to take away designed to build contacts and prospects.

Cabaret Magic

Cabaret magic is normally performed from a stage and often involves a larger more diverse range of props that need to be prepared and set on a stage ready for the show. This type of magic performance is best when the audience require magic entertainment that they can all watch as a group.

Audience members are often invited to take part in the show and it’s an ideal opportunity to make a special feature of someone celebrating a birthday or of the CEO of a company.

The props need to be prepared, transported to the venue and the presentation of a stage show will require a different range of skills and experience if the show is to be entertaining and well presented. The magician may perform with or without an assistant depending on the props being used and performances usually last from 30-45 minutes. Seating is normally arranged theatre style or if the performance is after a dinner, the tables will be set up around the auditorium facing the stage.

Stage Illusionists

Illusion shows are often described as big box tricks performed on a stage, but this description just serves to identify the type of show and is a good starting point because it identifies the larger props involved and the additional transportation needed to present this type of show. An assistant or assistants are integral to the show and there may also be more than one magician depending on the scale of the production. This type of show will take longer to prepare and remove after the show than either of the previous types of magic presentations above.

The reputation and experience of the magician will also have an effect on the fee charged. An award winning magician will charge more than a local magician who is still learning his trade. A famous magician will be at the top of their trade their fee will be higher than for a non-famous yet award winning magician.

All of these considerations play a part in the choice magicians and when the client’s exact requirements are known a recommendation and quote can be prepared.

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