Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 08.05.2011

If you want to celebrate your child’s birthday in style and you want to celebrate it in a special way, you can turn to professional entertainment agencies. They can prepare a tailored party and make the day unforgettable. There is something that you can do yourself.

First of all, you need to decide whether it’s going to be an indoor or outdoor event. Check the weather forecast for the day, it can give you an idea what you can organise. But if you want to secure the party against sudden rain or strong winds, you can plan entertainment which can take place inside or outside.

Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

Planning an event for children, you can think about their favourite cartoons, books or film characters and choose one as a theme to celebrate your child’s birthday. Entertainment agencies can consult with you on how to arrange everything according to the chosen theme. For example you can decorate your house in keeping with your chosen theme, hire costumes or even make them yourself together with your child. Ask parents of invited children to dress them in appropriate fancy dress. You can prepare special invitations for your child’s guests where you can indicate the theme.

Thinking about various activities you should remember that there are different types of children, some will be very active and always on the go while others prefer to read or watch something, it’s vital to ensure that none of the children are bored and enjoy the party. Dedicated specialists from entertainment agencies can suggest and organise appropriate entertainment or you can search the web for ideas. After games children may get a bit tired so it can be a good idea to hire artists who can continue entertaining them whilst they watch.

You can turn your venue into a circus arena and hire circus workshop specialists to demonstrate and help the children to participate and learn a new skill, you can also hire street performers and walkabout entertainers. You should remember that their performances might require open space. Costume characters, human statues, mime artists, stilt walkers can surprise little guests with their performances.

If you want to create a magic atmosphere, hire a magician who will provide engaging and fun entertainment with lots of laughter. Children may be excited to participate in their shows and learn to about magic tricks. You can also arrange for circus or craft workshops and different entertainers can entertain by making balloon models, face painting, puppet making and so on. Apart from that you can brighten the day with various inflatables including bouncy castles.

Don’t forget to think over the menu, since you are the organiser of the party allow them to eat what they like. Thus the menu can include pizzas, chips, sandwiches, hot dogs, ice cream or other favourite food and treats and it goes without saying that a birthday cake is an essential part of any birthday party. You can prepare the food yourself or if there are lots of guests make an order with a restaurant. As far as drinks are concerned lemonade, juice or milkshakes are always favourites.

When you have planned everything, make a list of what you can do yourself and what should be done by the agency. Of course you know your child’s interests best of all, but a professional entertainment agency can make your ideas become reality.

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