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Published by Mike Costello on August 16, 2016

There are many different party entertainment ideas, with more gaining popularity all the time. I’ll provide an overview of the most popular ones here to give you some ideas.


PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - ANGELINA JOLIE LOOKALIKECelebrity Lookalikes are a great fun addition to your party and one of the better party entertainment ideas.

Your favourite Lookalike will add a little sparkle and excitement. Consequently, guests remember their interaction with the Lookalike long after your party is over. Furthermore, selfies with the Lookalike are great to keep and share on social networks. Your family will keep selfies forever as a reminder of your special party.

Also, some Lookalikes do a little more than meet and greet and posing for photo’s. For example if required Del Boy Lookalike will do a little leg-pulling with your “victim” in typical Del Boy style. Keith Lemon Lookalike provides interactive games as Keith does on TV. And Manuel Lookalike serves at tables over dinner causing a little chaos and hilarity.

If you decide to hold a themed party for example a Hollywood themed party you may hire Hollywood Lookalikes. Similarly, Pop Star Lookalikes are available for Pop Star parties and Comedy Lookalikes for family parties.

Fake Paparazzi Photographers

PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - FAKE PAPARAZZIFake Paparazzi are perfect for setting the scene at parties and one of the novel party entertainment ideas. Each photographer is a fun character skilled in interacting and raising a smile from your guests. Most of all your guests feel special when you make them feel like a celebrity.

Fake Paparazzi photographers perfectly compliment Celebrity Lookalikes. A red carpet finishes off the effect for the party to come.

Finally, a complete set of photo’s is provided  from which your guests can choose and order online.

Tribute Bands and Tribute Acts

Tribute ActsPARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - FREDDIE MERCURY TRIBUTE are amongst the most popular party entertainment ideas during the last four decades.

The biggest Pop Artistes and bands have at least one Tribute act that impersonates them. Some Pop Artistes have several Tribute acts for you to choose from.

Hiring Pop act Tributes for parties and events caught on early. Initially top Hotels and venues realised the potential of this type of entertainment. Later theatres realised that these acts would put bums on seats too. Nowadays many Tribute act Fees are within the budget of private parties.

When you’ve chosen your favourite Tribute act and booked them, get ready to enjoy them at your party. They provide all equipment needed for their performance and set everything up and sound check before your guests arrive. If your room is in use during the day, they will set-up when it’s convenient.

More Party Entertainment Ideas


PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - CARICATURISTCaricaturists have proved popular for many years, primarily because of the novelty factor and another of the better party entertainment ideas. Guests like the idea and look forward to what the finished caricature of themselves might look like. In addition guests take home a finished caricature of themselves.

The best Caricaturists draw for a living, consequently they complete each caricature quite quickly. Most guests will want to take one home so it’s important to hire an experienced Caricaturist. They are great party entertainment ideas and reasonably priced.

Caricaturists are hired for all types of private parties and events and a personal caricature makes a great memento of the occasion. Something to take home, frame and hang on the wall to remember your fun times with family and friends. All the Caricaturist needs to produce caricatures is for his subjects to stay reasonably still in order that he can draw their likeness in caricature.


PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - SINGER LUCIESingers get guests in the mood for the party and dancing and are the perfect music artistes for parties. They are booked for different types of parties, are flexible and tailor their performance to the occasion. They are regularly booked from our list of party entertainment ideas.

The best way to select a singer to suit your party is to check their repertoire. If their repertoire and music are suitable you’re on the right track. After that, viewing their video or listening to their audio demos will help you reach a decision.

Singers provide all equipment needed for their performance. In addition they set-up their equipment and sound-check before your guests arrive. If that isn’t possible because your room is in use throughout the day, they set-up when it’s convenient.

Singers split their performances into sets, these are frequently 2 x 45 minute sets. Other options include 3 x 30 minutes or occasionally 2 x 1 hour sets. The singer will perform sets to meet your needs.


PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - STEVEN MAGICIANMagicians are very flexible entertainers that are a perfect fit for party entertainment and one of our regularly booked party entertainment ideas. They perform amazing magic at all types of parties and are able to entertain seated or standing audiences. The duration of entertainment is typically two hours and is adjustable to your requirements. Selected magicians entertain children and adults at family parties.

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