How to Find The Right Musician For You

Published by Mike Costello on April 5, 2016

Date: 12.01.2015

How to Find The Right Musician For You

When you search for a Musician you’re likely to find a wide variety of musicians with different training and experience many of which may not be available for your event. How do you find the right musician for you? What seems straightforward may need much more effort if you want to find the right musician.

How to Find The Right Musician For You

Training and experience are important elements when considering which musician you should hire and there are music schools throughout the country, however training is only one aspect of a musician’s ability and as with most things, what they do after music school is often more important.

You can gain some information from websites and this is useful but limited. You may be unable to gain an insight into all the different types of work a musician has done throughout their entire career from a website and any claims they may make are impossible to substantiate without corroboration.

Hiring Musicians

As an example take a Sax player hired for a wedding. A Google search may reveal several different options but it’s often difficult to tell which is best. You can rely on websites and speak to different Sax Players and hope that the information you receive matches your experience on the day. Alternatively, you may want to see before you hire a musician, which may be a problem since they will often be playing at a variety of private events where location and obtaining permission can make this difficult. Alternatively, you may ask for a video or an audio demo. Another way would be to speak to an experienced bona fide entertainment agent with many years of experience in dealing with a variety of Sax players. They will have worked with various Sax players over a number of years and know the ability of each player and be able to make a recommendation based on their first-hand experience.

Making Arrangements

Whichever route you take you need to know that your Sax player is an experienced time served musician with plenty of relevant experience for your even. After you have selected your musician you will need to make a booking and be certain that he/she will arrive on time. They should ask you for a deposit and provide a written agreement, if not this is a cause for concern and doesn’t offer you peace of mind. Your venue will require public liability insurance and PAT test documents for electrical equipment. If the musician provides these straight away it’s a good sign, if you have to keep chasing them not so good.

Musicians should provide you with their Repertoire list from which you may choose a few favorites. They will normally provide a sound system, sometimes lighting and will arrange to set-up equipment at a convenient time before their performance. Performance times offered by musicians are generally 2 x 45mins during a party or event, though most offer some flexibility in this respect. You may want a special song or tune to be played which they may be learn and rehearse beforehand providing you give them sufficient notice which is normally a month minimum. Musicians are an entertaining, flexible and reasonable cost solution for your live music requirements.

Have you hired a musician recently and did the performance live up to the sales hype?

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