Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Published by Mike Costello on July 19, 2016

Your Wedding Day is the one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Your wedding reception is what you and your guests will really look forward to, though the ceremony is clearly important. Because the best wedding entertainment ideas are simple they need not break the bank.

Set the Scene with Party Favours

First of all it’s a party and should be fun. Set the scene with a variety of party favours to loosen-up your guests. Because masks of famous personalities are fun they are perfect for larking around and taking selfies.

Rocket balloons – the ones that make a screeching noise when let loose will cause a stir in a fun way as they whizz around. Silly string creates a little fun and mayhem while other fun items include deely boppers and plastic sunglasses.

Children’s Entertainment

Since the majority of weddings have children present entertainment for them is regarded as an essential option from the wedding entertainment ideas and getting them sorted out with activities is a priority. As a result parents can relax and enjoy the night whilst the children are entertained. Furthermore a dedicated room with a child minder for toddlers is very useful. Finally, activity tables complete with colouring books, crayons, bubbles and small toys engage young children.


Furthermore a games area for older children keeps them busy for hours. Popular games are X Box, Wii Games, air hockey, table football, giant Scalextric and electronic simulators.

Create Entertainment Areas

In addition create different entertainment areas for your guests, this will be one of the most effective wedding entertainment ideas.

In a Reception Area – set-up a Wishing Tree for Guests’ Messages. In addition a Photo Board and Instamatic Camera for Guests Photo’s or a Photo Booth will enhance this experience.

Arrange a Lounge Area – with sofas, chairs, coffee tables and dim lighting for snacks, chatting and drinking.


Dancing Area – for a Band or Disco to suit your budget.

Interactive Food Area – with staff to provide a Pasta Bar, Grilled Cheese Bar or Grilled Chicken Bar. Guests choose their own toppings and sauces.

Specialist Drinks Tasting Area – drinks specialists provide Taster Sessions. Wine, Whiskey or Cocktails create a point of interest and delight your guests.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding entertainment ideas that guests remember are the surprises that nobody expected. Comedy waiters, for example foreign/broken English speaking waiters cause mayhem whilst trying to communicate with guests. While they try to work out what is going on the waiters accents suddenly don’t sound quite so authentic.

Furthermore, surprise Lookalikes suitable for all age groups suddenly burst into proceedings and after suitable introductions entertain guests. Del Boy or Keith Lemon Lookalikes are very popular wedding entertainers. Aerial Entertainers also provide the surprise element and impressive entertainment.


Surprise Late Night Entertainment

A fireworks display tops off a memorable day. Therefore announce surprise entertainment for the end of the night and you will give your guests a reason to stick around.


Daytime Entertainment

Giant Games for outdoors or indoors in inclement weather are a good idea for daytime entertainment hire. Also other Giant Games include crazy golf courses, giant Jenga, giant Connect Four and giant Buzzer games which are all very popular. Inflatables including bouncy castles, giant slides, surf simulators, rodeo bulls and gladiator duels are also great fun for adults and kids.

Dancers may be hired to suit your culture for entertainment during dinner and they include Lion Dancers, Flamenco Dancers and Belly Dancers. Also singers offer a variety of genres of music including jazz, swing and pop. In addition musicians provide a wide array of music options including String Quartets, Acoustic Guitarists, and Pianists.

Wedding entertainment ideas are wide and varied and only limited by budget. Whatever you decide to hire, your guests will be there to support you on your big day and they’ll be happy to see you tie the knot together.

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