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December 10, 2015 Mike Costello

Disclaimer Of Liability

These are the Terms Conditions of the Costello Entertainments website and every care has been taken in the preparation of the content of this web site. We disclaim all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in any of the materials on this web site.

In accordance with these Terms Conditions permission is given to view, print and save the material on this website for your personal reference. Permission is not granted for you to copy, modify, use, distribute or create any derivative works, unless you obtain the express written permission of Costello Entertainments.

In accordance with these Terms Conditions, the publication of Celebrities and Artistes names, photographs or biographical information on this website does not imply that Costello Entertainments has any management rights. We act as an independent Agency in the conduct of our business.

In accordance with these Terms Conditions, all Celebrities and Artistes are offered either by arrangement with the Celebrity or Artiste direct or by arrangement with their respective Management or Agent subject to availability and contract.

General Information And Terms Conditions

This section of our Terms Conditions attempts to explain in plain English the way that Costello Entertainments as a reputable Agency works, and the specific ways in which the Terms of Business of Costello Entertainments and the Agreements between Artistes and Employers affect those concerned.


Contracts may take various forms – verbal, a signed contract, etc., but in ALL cases are legally binding agreements. It is a popular misconception that a contract must include a signature. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

In accordance with these Terms Conditions Costello Entertainments believes that all Artistes and Employers are entitled to PROPER WRITTEN CONTRACTS for EVERY booking.

In accordance with these Terms Conditions when Costello Entertainments issues a Contract, it will clearly identify the Artiste, the Employer, Venue, the Date of the Engagement, the Arrival, Set-Up, Performance Duration and Performance Times, Fee, method and timing of Payment together with any relevant information.

In accordance with these Terms Conditions if you think that any of the information is incorrect or unacceptable in some way, you must inform Costello Entertainments IMMEDIATELY.

In accordance with these Terms Conditions it is also very important that Artistes observe all of the conditions laid down in the contract. For example, late arrival at a venue constitutes a breach of contract and could considerably weaken the Artiste’s position in any subsequent dispute with the Employer. Artistes are advised to telephone Costello Entertainments and the Employer in the event of a delay or breakdown on the way.


A pre-payment or booking fee may be necessary for certain artistes and certain types of booking, and in some cases stage payments or a pre-payment may be the preferred option of the Employer. The Employer will be advised if a pre-payment is required at the time of booking, and the booking will only be confirmed once you have agreed to the amount, payment method and due date of the pre-payment and balance.

Unless otherwise agreed with you pre-payments or booking fees will be passed directly to the person, entity or organisation entitled to receive them.


Once the Artiste and the Employer have entered into an agreement, there is no provision for cancellation unless agreed by both the Artiste and the Employer, duly notified to Costello Entertainments and confirmed in writing.

There are, nevertheless, many instances of Artistes, Employers and even other Agents “cancelling” for a variety of reasons, sometimes at little or no notice. THIS IS A BREACH OF CONTRACT and can leave the cancelling party open to a claim for compensation.

People often think that if they do opt to cancel an engagement which they have previously agreed to accept, they do not have to pay a fee to the Agent. Once again, this is a popular misconception.

The Agent has already provided his service in the form of telephone calls, preparation of documentation, completion of booking forms, production of publicity material, postage, etc., possibly in conjunction with another Agent with whom he has a subsidiary agreement. This service costs money, and if the event is cancelled Costello Entertainments has to do the work all over again in order to confirm the cancellation.

Costello Entertainments therefore reserves the right to make a charge against the cancelling party in these circumstances. Where a pre-payment has been made, Costello Entertainments will distribute the funds firstly to any cancellation charges agreed and then to any other payments due. Any balance remaining will be returned to the Employer within 7 days, and any balance due must be paid to Costello Entertainments within the same period.

Prepayments, booking fees or commission payable to Costello Entertainments by the Employer or Artiste are non-refundable as the service for which the charge has been made has already been provided by the time of payment.


In the event of Illness or Accident resulting in the Artiste being unable to fulfil the engagement, a medical certificate from your Doctor in the case of illness or third party confirmation (typically an AA or RAC report) in the case of accident or breakdown without injury, must be submitted within 4 (four) days.

Costello Entertainments reserves the right to make a charge equivalent to the commission payable in the event that no such certification has been received within four days, this charge being payable by the Artiste.

Extensions Of Bookings

Any extension of bookings agreed with and paid for by the Employer will be subject to a similar rate of commission or charge to that agreed for the original contract duration.

Re-Engagements And Subsequent Engagements

If the Artiste accepts any re-engagement with the Employer / Venue within twelve months of the completion of the original engagement such engagement shall be deemed to have been negotiated through Costello Entertainments and be subject to a similar commission or charge. The Terms and Conditions applying to the original contract will apply to all such re-engagements unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If this clause is breached, Costello Entertainments may seek to recover their loss from either the Employer or the Artiste. Similarly any additional engagement arising entirely from an engagement negotiated through Costello Entertainments must be contracted by Costello Entertainments, and a similar commission or charge will be payable.

Not found the answer to your questions? Try our FAQ’s for further information or contact us at mike@costelloentertainments.co.uk Alternatively, call us on 0161 703 8737. Our opening hours are 9.30am-6pm Mon-Fri.

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