Tribute Acts

We have many different Tribute Acts available covering all of the world’s best Pop Stars and popular bands both past and present.

They pay tribute to a multitude of stars re-creating their pop star’s act or band’s performance as closely as possible and Tribute Acts for hire are a mainstay of popular live entertainment today.

If you wish to find Tribute Acts and Tribute Bands we have just what you’re looking for.

Tribute Acts for Hire For Your Party Or Event

When you’ve waded through the bewildering number of¬† Tribute Acts for hire generally available and finally made your choice, arranging timings for them to arrive and perform and dealing with your Venue’s requirements can leave you feeling a little stressed.

We understand! No need to worry, we’ve been through this process many times before and we can sort this out for you with the minimum of fuss. A quick chat with us is all that’s needed. Job Done!

For Parties And Events

Always great for parties and events, Tribute Acts will of course completely entertain your audience and there’s nothing quite like having your favourite Pop Star or famous Band performing at your party!

They all come complete with sound system and lighting and in many cases they perform with multiple costume changes to add to the excitement.

Many Tribute Acts for hire perform for one hour and many  perform for either one hour or two forty five minute sets. Performance times vary from one act to another so please enquire for advice about individual acts.

If you want your Tribute Acts to provide recorded music when they’re not performing, they will usually play music through their sound system. If you prefer them to link your i pod or other music device into their system and play your playlist that’s normally fine.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have a full range of music available and a DJ who will take requests and keep everything flowing we provide a Mobile DJ at reasonable cost.

For Venues

To promote a venue and attract new customers, a regular bill of Tribute Acts or Tribute Bands that are well chosen and publicised in advance, can help you build the popularity of your venue.

Multi-Tribute Acts are also available, in which an individual artiste can look and sound like several different stars all in one show. For example Tribute Acts for hire such as The Divas in which a female singer performs a Tribute to Madonna, Diana Ross, Shirley Bassey, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner etc.

For Corporate Events

There is also an enormous demand for complete Tribute Shows, as a brief look at the listings for London and provincial theatres will testify. For example Abba, Queen, Tributes To The Legends, Take That, Lady Ga Ga, Motown Tribute Shows, Elvis, The Rat Pack and many more. Tribute Acts are a perfect way to recreate these shows.

All of these shows have one thing in common, they re-create the sounds and experiences of bygone eras and in many cases provide happy memories of your youth.

So if you’re looking for something a little different, a little more exciting and entertaining, why not enquire about a Tribute Show?

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