80s Tribute Band

The music of the 80s famous for New Romantics fashion faithfully re-created by professional musicians for parties, events and wherever a good 80s Tribute Band is needed. The 80s are evocative of the mullet, leg warmers, big hair and Madonna fashion with lots of bright colours on show.

An 80s Tribute Band will be appropriately dressed in 80s fashion, perhaps a good excuse to join in the fun. Typically, an 80s Tribute Band will be booked for birthday parties, school re-unions, revival events, social events and themed parties.

80s Cover Band

A love of the variety of 80s music around at the time is excuse enough to hire an 80s Cover Band so what are you waiting for? An 80s Cover Band can be hired to play a selection of the hits around during the 80s or you can book an individual 80s Tribute Band for example Duran Duran that will play music from that band only. If you have any questions or just need a quote, do get in touch to find out what we can offer for a great night of entertainment and if you need an 80s Disco we can provide one of those as well.

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