90s Tribute Band

Music of the 90s faithfully re-created by professional musicians for parties, events and wherever a good 90s Tribute Band is needed. They can play all your favourite 90s songs to bring back memories and give your guests a great time or alternatively, you can book an individual 90s Tribute Band for example Oasis that plays their music only.

A 90s Tribute Band will typically dress in 90s costume to complete the picture and you might like to consider dressing the way they did in the 90s as well, to get you in the mood and set your party off with a bang. A great 90s Tribute Band will provide all the equipment needed and perform 90s songs to a high professional standard and give a memorable performance that you’ll remember for many years.

90s Cover Band

A 90s Cover Band tends to be booked for birthday parties, school re-unions, social events, holiday parks and themed parties or whenever a group of like minded folk happen to like 90s music. So if you’re looking for ideas for hiring a 90s Cover Band and perhaps you and your guests grew up in the 90s, do give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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